Monday, December 17, 2012

Elizabeth May

As 2012 draws to a close, Michael Harris reviews the state of all of Canada's federal parties -- except the Bloc Quebecois. He has some insightful comments about each. But I am particularly struck by what he writes about Elizabeth May and The Green Party:

For now, the Green Party is Elizabeth May. Despite all the institutional barricades erected in front of this prodigiously hard-working politician, she tears the pant leg off the government on everything from the environment to the Canada-as-resource-colony model promoted by our CEO-PM himself. She runs the most intellectually alive office on Parliament Hill. The place is staffed by people who walk through the door just to be around her and to help.

But 2013 will be frustrating because May’s message of unification, the only certain answer to Harpocracy, will fall on the ears of two relatively newly-elected leaders, both of whom think they will be able to get the job done alone. At some point, the Greens must elect more members, since not even Elizabeth May can run on empty. If this woman isn’t allowed to take part in the next TV debates, we should all watch the shopping channel.

May's task is difficult because the other leaders aren't buying co-operation as the answer to the Harper juggernaut. And, until she is joined by other members of her party, Mr. Mulcair -- and whoever leads the Liberals -- will continue to ignore her.

That situation is truly tragic.


Anonymous said...

I am admiring Elizabeth May more and more. She speaks out against Harper's treachery, in no uncertain terms.

Harper giving China the right to sue Canadians, who try to block China's takeover of Canada, is absolutely offensive. Elizabeth called Harper on it. The rest of the opposition sat like stooks, and said nothing. They reneged on their opposition to Harper, selling Nexen to Communist China. They aren't getting my vote.

We want nothing to do with Communist China, what-so-ever. We don't want that country's presence, on our Canadian soil. Harper is a dictator, and forced China upon us, against Canadians wishes.

Owen Gray said...

At the moment, the other parties are playing King of the Hill, Anon.

Ms. May understands what needs to be done to send Stephen Harper packing.