Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Man Of His Word?

After meeting with First Nations chiefs three weeks ago, Stephen Harper vowed that his office would give native issues "enhanced oversight."  Shawn Atleo got the impression that the government was finally taking notice of the First Nations.

But when Stephen Harper met with his caucus yesterday -- and listed his priorities -- he did not say a word about native issues:

He said that the government will be focused this spring on four areas that are “priorities” for Canadians:
• families;
• the safety of streets and communities;
• pride in being a Canadian citizen;
• personal financial security.

Those are the priorites he brought with him to office. One can argue that his policies have made each priority worse, not better. But what is more important is that he had nothing to say about the issues he told native Canadians were at the top of his agenda.

The majority of Canadians know that Stephen Harper's word is as durable as Kleenex. He has a habit of blowing his nose into the paper on which agreements are written. Shawn Atleo should take note.

His own people have. That is why they have taken to the streets -- and why they will continue to do so.


Anonymous said...

I would guess that Harper and gang view the First Nations as a problem to eradicated. The FN interferes with the interests of the Reform-Conservative corporate bosses.

Watch for 'Idle No More' to be labelled terrorist and peaceful demonstrations put down with state violence.

Owen Gray said...

Perhaps that's what he meant, Anon, when he said that criminal justice was one of his top priorities.

Anonymous said...

I hope, Harper includes himself in, his criminal justice?

We tried to warn Chief Spence against Harper. Nothing will change for you and your people. Harper is a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics and, he cheats to win.

Harper has had, more lawsuits against him than, the last ten Prime Ministers put together. The judicial system, has many Conservative judges. Every time Harper has to get out of his lies and deceit, he himself takes it to court. The robo-call election fraud. The riding election disputes. Keep a close eye on that.

Harper is the worst P.M. The most corrupt P.M. Harper has Canada in the worst debt, in the recorded history of this Nation.

A.G. Page is far too honest for Flaherty and Harper. He actually has to ask for information, so he can do his books. The gall of Mr. Page. Page can go along with the corruption, or lose his job.

Harper was Policy Chief of his Northern Foundation Party of 1989. That's where his abusive dictatorship comes from.

Many of us, tried to warm Chief Spence against Harper. However, she didn't listen. In this province, we have been victimized and, up against Harper's treachery for years.

Owen Gray said...

And it would appear that man has not undergone a personality transplant, Anon.

Which makes things as tough as ever.

e.a.f. said...

families, sounds like Christie Clark's family first slogans out here in b.c. My interpretation of stevie slime's "families" routine is, just not F.N. families. just the 1%ers.

Of course when he mentions families and those 3 con m.p.s who filed a complaint with the RCMP regarding "murder", well I do expect the cons will try another run at a woman's right to control her own bodies. Of course once children are born, especially F.N.'s children, stevie and his slimers don't care if the children don't have clean water, adequate housing, health care, educations etc.

Crime, well as some one else has mentioned stevie and the slimers will get back to calling all sorts of groups of people terrorists, like anyone who doesn't agree with him.

of course Harper didn't mention First Nations people. He doesn't care about them, never has, never will. Anybody who thinks he will, well whatever they are smoking or drinking must be some good stuff.

Owen Gray said...

Harper's approach to everyone, e.a.f. -- first nations people or his own MP's -- is that of a medieval lord to his vassals.

He plays them off against each other, betraying them when it suits his purposes.

Anyone who does not understand that about the man will be fleeced, time and time again.

thwap said...

Don't worry. Tommy Mulcair said he'd keep up the "pressure" on harper to deliver on First Nations' issues.

He told me this when he was putting pressure on Chief Spence to quit her fast while not putting pressure on harper to meet with her.

Owen Gray said...

Our politics have become pretty cynical, thwap.

What is really disappointing is that everyone talks about getting a piece of the action. No one talks about justice.