Saturday, June 07, 2014

A Name That Will Live In Infamy

We once had to wait weeks, Andrew Coyne writes, for a new Harperian abuse of power. Now it happens daily. The latest example is the government's proposed legislation on prostitution:

It was expected the government would opt for the “Nordic model,” criminalizing the purchase of sex rather than the sale, as a replacement — a contentious but tenable response to the Court’s decision. It was not expected it would, in effect, fling the ruling back in the Court’s face. Not content with leaving the impugned provisions, but for a few cosmetic changes, essentially intact, the government imposed new restrictions, for example banning prostitutes from advertising: not just in violation of the Constitution, it would seem, but in defiance of it. The bill is written as if calculated to provoke another confrontation with the Court, ideally in time for the next election.

Harperian abuse shows itself in several ways:

a contempt for civil liberties, for due process, for established convention, for consultation, for openness, replaced throughout by a culture of secrecy, control, expedience and partisan advantage.

But it is most apparent in the prime minister's appointments:

What we’ve been seeing lately is a series of puzzling, troublesome and downright incompetent appointments: the parade of senators now in various stages of trouble with the law; the ill-starred promotion of Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court (his successor, Clement Gascon, was better received, but without even the pretense of parliamentary scrutiny that attended Nadon); the conversion of what had been an arm’s-length process for choosing the Bank of Canada governor into the personal pick of the Finance minister; the selection of Arthur Porter — Arthur Porter — to chair the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

Like Orwellian,  Harperian is taking on a meaning all its own. It is a name that will live in infamy.


mogs moglio said...

I would add to that; The Harperium has imposed a culture of selfishness, delirium and criminal behaviour over the normal Canadian way.

Owen Gray said...

In the truest sense, Mogs, Harper puts Canada's worst foot forward.

mogs moglio said...

Mr. Gray, sorry for the formality Owen but you have to see this picture of the carbon clown bobbsey twins (if you have not spotted it already);

I almost fell off my chair laughing, the shirts say it all;)

Owen Gray said...

As they say, Mogs, a picture is worth a thousand words.

the salamander said...

.. with an imminent June proclamation/ruling that Northern Gateway Pipeline project will proceed by 'Order of Council' (Harper & Cabinet) against the wishes of Canada, Canadians, British Columbia, First Nations.. mr Harper & stooges like Peter MacKay are coordinating spying agencies to gather intel on any Canadian protest or resistance

This all about Stephen Harper's quaint reliance on 'Paramountcy'.. and any other arcane ruling that is temporarily useful to delay or obstruct or inflict.. that his thousands of 'Justice' lawyers can sink their teeth into

Why else would the Harper Government also direct the Government Operations Centre to coordinate & distribute to partners.. data and reports, illegally ordered in June from EVERY FEDERAL MINISTRY to gather and inform re every single protest of any size whatsoever, in Canada.

I hope they notice my one hand clapping.. as a blunt protest of their ignorance, failure as public servants, disgrace as so called Canadians.. not to mention their grandiose conceit and absolute deceit.

Its becoming very obvious how anti abortion evangelists MP's from all parties but mainly Harper's Government, and their partners & lobbyists now occupy formal office space and communicate from within our Parliament buildings. Perhaps Mr Harper can explain this new phenomena to Canadian voters. Since the same MP's support every Harper transgression including attacks on environment, privacy, elections and military vets.. its high time we were informed

Owen Gray said...

Nothing is against the law to those who believe that God is on their side, salamander.

But, as history has proved so many times before, the "righteous" have wracked great destruction in God's name.

mogs moglio said...

Stephen Harper's Canada also sent the errand boy:

Jason T. Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development to the latest Bilderberg Conference, which is now deciding the fate of the so-called free world. Should they starve us with a prolonged recession or should they make a quick and fast plunge into darkness to re-arrange world order and affairs? Apparently that is the agenda of the 2014 meeting that just wrapped up on June 1st at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel in Denmark...

Attendees list:

Too big to fail and too big to jail is rubbing off on Steve.

Owen Gray said...

It's all about one man's grandiose dream, Mogs.

Anonymous said...

But before the NWO, the Unions come first, do they not? There is already the European Union. I think Putin grabbed his Union, Belarus, Georgia and he already has the Crimea. Israel, Jordan and Egypt will be a Union. I believe that is why, Harper took a planeload to Israel. There is to be a, South American Union. Mexico, US and Canada will be, the
North American Union.(NAU)Likely an Asian Union and so on.

Both Harper and ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell are Bilderbergs. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper.They are both sociopaths and were likely chosen to do the dastardly deeds. Harper nearly broke down into tears when, Campbell was forced to resign.

At the last meeting of the 3 Amigo's. Kerry signaled an advance of the NAU Plan

Most telling is? Big business is pushing for the NAU.

And? Two Americans Wenzel and Parker, directly participated in two Conservative campaigns in Ontario. Front Porch Strategies were accused of, the robo-calls that came out of the US. Harper's boy Cote said? He had no jurisdiction in the US, to chase down those robo-calls.

However, we do have American police operating in Canada, exempt from our Laws.

Obama hammered out Obamacare, similar to our health care plan.

Harper encouraged Canadians to shop across the border. Harper made it easier, to bring back even more goods.

They are talking of Canada's cost of living, being in line with the US cost of living.

I am very aware? I am the only one that questions, the NAU being developed.

Read of: Harper gives a speech in New York at the, Council of Foreign Relations. This was Oct 25/2007

Owen Gray said...

There are lots of other things that Harper wants to accomplish, Anon. But, as opposition grows, it will be harder to see these things through.