Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And so, to begin

I've contemplated doing this for some time. One reason I have hesitated is that I'm really not sure if there is an audience for what I want to say.

Just a few words of background: I immigrated with my family to Canada from California when I was twelve. Ironically, though, I had several relatives, including one of my grandmothers, who began life as Canadians; and it always seemed to me that we were coming home after a somewhat unpredictable but worthwhile voyage. I became a Canadian citizen; and, of course, I retained my American citizenship.

I have always been keenly interested in Canadian and American politics and social trends. I wonder if there are like-minded folks out there.

At the moment, I am deeply concerned that American foreign policy is based on foolish and unsustainable assumptions. To make matters worse, the present government in Ottawa seems to accept those assumptions unquestioningly. Wisdom is increasingly a rare commodity.

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