Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Hypocrisy

Stephen Harper likes to claim that his party is a party of principle. But, of course, that's all jiggery-pockery. Whether it's huffing and puffing about China's human rights record then pulling out all the stops to sell  bitumen to the Chinese -- or refusing to declare asbestos a dangerous substance, then reversing course -- the prime directive of the Harper government has always been "whatever it takes."

We were treated to another example of Conservative hypocrisy yesterday when Glen McGregor reported that, in its attempt to throw the robocalls case out of court, the Harperites were badmouthing Frank Graves, the man they relied on to do much of their polling. McGregor wrote that Arthur Hamilton, the Conservatives' lawyer,

asked the court toss Graves’ affidavit because, inter alia, he “repeatedly and publicly aligned himself with political interests, parties and actors that oppose” the Conservatives.

Further, Hamilton alleged, “He is clearly personally invested in the narrative that voter suppression did take place and had an effect on the Election.”

And, “Mr. Graves fails to disclose that his firm, Ekos, received more than $61,000,000 through 1,600 contracts with the federal government while the Liberal Party was in power, and has much less revenue from that source since the Conservatives were elected.”

Hamilton does not mention that Ekos received more money in polling contracts  in 2010-11 — $897,517.47, to be precise – than any other firm, save for Ipsos-Reid Canada.

Mr. Hamilton successfully convinced a court to throw out Helena Geurgis' wrongful dismissal suit against Harper and his party. He is trying to do the same with the robocalls case.

Hypocrisy means nothing to the Harper government. But winning -- at any cost -- does.


Anonymous said...

Harper the extreme robo bot...

Owen Gray said...

And he will work very hard to make the robocall affair go away, Mogs.

karen said...

I find it highly amusing that they are so threatened by anyone who opposes them. (Well, amusing when not downright scary)
Didn't someone say something about the wise being doubtful and the ignorant being cocksure?

Owen Gray said...

Ignorance can be genuinely funny, Karen. But, when the ignorant are driving the bus, the passengers are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Harper cheated to win the election, with his robo-call cheat. Over 3/4 of Canadians and counting, say so. We know Harper is frantic to lie and cheat again, to get out of his crime.

Canadians have been victimized by Harper's dirty dirty tactics, far more than once. The Federal election, is contaminate and dirty. Harper has no right to be the P.M. of our country.

Harper used every dirty tactic in the book, against Helena Geurgis. She has no access to our tax dollars to fight with, Harper has. The police cleared Helena and her husband, of any wrong doing. However, Harper also, installed new Conservative judges.

Same with the election riding disputes. Conservative judges, will take care of that little matter too.

Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini all lied, cheated and deceived, to win their dictatorships to gain total control, just as Harper did. Control, is of the utmost importance to dictators.

Controlling the media is the most important of all, and first on their lists. Then they grab control, of everything they get their hands on. Judges, courts, police, are also a necessity to control.

Owen Gray said...

Harper is unquestionably fanatical about control, Anon.

We can only hope that -- at the moment -- the judiciary serves as an effective foil to this prime minister.

thwap said...

Their last self-pitying and rambling note to that judge was tossed-out. Hopefully this pathetic drivel will be too.

Owen Gray said...

That was a hopeful sign, thwap. Let's hope the judge recognizes when arrogance has replaced argument.

Anonymous said...

How can police and courts/judges be so blind?

Follow the money/bribery trail and you too will find the answer!

Owen Gray said...

Let's hope they're not blind, Mogs. At the moment, they're our best defense.