Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taxation Without Representation

Carol Goar writes that Stephen Harper has violated the first principle of democracy: a government only rules with the consent of the governed. That principle is most apparent when it comes to the question of taxes. Citizens have the right to know how their money is being spent -- and they must agree to the government's fiscal plans.

But Stephen Harper has established a new set of rules:

His rules strike at the heart of responsible government. He has decided to tax Canadians without allowing their elected representatives a chance to speak for them.

They violate a fundamental tenet of democracy: the government acts with the consent of the people. Canadians never gave their assent to Harper’s just-trust-me approach. In fact, hundreds signed petitions opposing both Bill C-38 and the use of omnibus legislation (massive, multi-part bills.)

They contravene his own pledge of “open government.” Canadians are still in the dark, five months later, about what the Tories cut. Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page is doing his best to find out, but his effort to get budgetary documents have been stymied.

It is emblematic of the Harper government's absolute hypocrisy that it will not allow the people's representatives to scrutinize its budget. The party which railed against taxes now taxes as it pleases.

Now is the time for citizens to rise in anger. Only if the Conservatives know they stand to lose their majority will they consider changing course. Even then, they may be too slow witted to figure that out.


Anonymous said...

I can not even get a hold of my spineless conservative MP David Wilks, he refuses to be in touch?

David I call you out you claimed you were opposed to Bill C-38 when you were in Revelstoke BC then you voted for it anyway?

You I suppose are a coward to Stephens hard and abusive behavior?

Oh no I got it you just want to warm the back bench for six years so you can get that glorious pension so many of us dream about and do nothing?

Yes David you are the useless moron in my humble opinion...


Owen Gray said...

Perhaps, Mogs, if Mr. Wilks gets the message -- unless he votes against the second upcoming omnibus bill, he will go down -- he may have the courage to vote against the party line.

Anonymous said...

I surely hope so...


Anonymous said...

Owen I believe that this government under Harper is collapsing under it's own weight.


Anonymous said...

David Wilks I guess it is lie cheat and steal from the people?

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I was reading that Kevin Page will be taking the Harper government to court to get what he needs to do his job. Harper we lose again.

I am waiting for the Harper government to be told by the Supreme Court to bring Omar Khadr home IMMEDIATELY. That mean spirited government has been dragging its feet on this trying to find a way to deny a Canadian the right to come home even after the government promised the US Canada would have him come home long before now.

Owen Gray said...

Even when courts order this government to comply, Philip, they do so grudgingly -- kicking and screaming.

lungta said...

hi Owen
***insert standard outrage here***
thanks for posting
thanks for listening

liberals and ndp
under one banner
or steal votes from each other and harper for anouther win
pick one

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to rationalize someone who isn't rational. Harper isn't even remotely rational.

Harper is so bizarre, people are beginning to question his mental state. His personality is much like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini's. All dictators have the same typo characteristics. They are all about control. Harper is no different.

Trying to e-mail Harper and his merry band of ministers? Well, good luck with that one. They know they are corrupt, and they can't possibly answer e-mails, in any honesty. I know a fellow who has e-mailed every day, for three months. Mind you, he is madder than hell at Harper.

Owen Gray said...

Emails won't put these guys out of office, Anon. But organizing people on the ground before and during the next election will.