Friday, September 28, 2012

The Waldorf Doctrine

Last night, in accepting the "Statesman of the Year Award" at the Waldorf Hotel, Stephen Harper proclaimed the core value behind Canada's foreign policy. He clearly views the world in Manichean terms. Tim Harper, in today's Toronto Star reports that the prime minister used the world "evil" to frame Canada's policy towards Iran:

It is this Iranian evil that compels Canada to speak out in support of Israel, Harper said, because those who would target Israel threaten all free and democratic societies.

It is the one country of the global community whose very existence is threatened,” Harper said on the eve of Friday’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Our government does refuse to use international (forums) to single out Israel for criticism.”
Harper said it is not Canada’s role to lecture others, but it is the responsibility of his government to make the choices that circumstances force upon it.

“We should never consider others evil merely because they disagree with us,’’ he said, “or because they compete with us.’’

But when evil dominates, one will find irreconcilable disagreements with Canada, he said.

 Harper is a character straight out of a Hawthorne novel -- all too willing to brand his enemies with the letter "A". He divides people into two groups -- the good and the evil. And he has no doubt about the group to which he belongs. Unfortunately, like Hawthorne's pious hypocrites, he does this country -- and the world -- a great deal of harm.


Lorne said...

Unfortunately, Owen, Harper's simplistic, reductionist view appeals to too many people who are too lazy to think for themselves.

Owen Gray said...

And those simplistic views will get us into some very complicated and tragic situations, Lorne.

Beijing York said...

Oh look here, Harper is involved with yet another crook:

I hope I live long enough to see Harper in jail. But then again, think of all the people that might have wished the same thing regarding Kissinger or Pinochet. One can only dream...

Owen Gray said...

Harris' piece is terrific, Beijing. Taken with the Bruce Carson saga, it tells you a great deal about Mr. Harper's "principles."

And it explains how people like Carson and Jacobson keep out of reach of the law.