Monday, June 03, 2013

Where's The Outrage?

That's what Bob Dole trumpeted almost twenty years ago, when he was running against Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski. Try as he might, Dole couldn't generate public outrage against Clinton.

Susan Delacourt wrote last week that Conservatives can't seem to generate any outrage over the fact that their top security database -- the Constituent Management Information System -- was used as the source for most robocalls:

Where was the outrage over their database being hijacked? Where were the reassuring words to supporters, or the thousands of other people whose names are in that database, that the party was doing everything it could to make sure the system couldn’t be hacked?

Ever since the first news of the robocalls fraud emerged more than a year ago, it’s been perplexing to see the Conservatives’ stunning lack of curiosity about alleged abuse of their secret campaign weapon called CIMS .

Rather than outrage, the Conservatives have done everything they can think of to sabotage Elections Canada's probe into the matter

Moreover, we learned this week, thanks to confirmations by chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand, that Conservatives have been slowing down the criminal probe into robocalls — keeping investigators cooling their heels for months, scheduling interview appointments that get cancelled and making key people unavailable for questioning.

You don’t need a degree in psychology to ask: Is this how people act when they’ve got nothing to hide? 

It would appear that the Conservatives have a great deal to hide -- whether it be Mike Duffy's Senate expenses, the cost of those F-35s,  or the files on Afghan prisoners.

Information -- true and accurate information -- is their enemy.


Rene said...

They would have you believe that the youth wing of the Conservative Party was running their election campaign, making key decisions, and are responsible for any abuses uncovered, which they are going to great lengths to keep from public scrutiny.

Owen Gray said...

Yes, Rene, it was all the kids' fault. Their olders -- and betters -- had nothing to do with it.

John B. said...

If Harper really wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery, as he has stated he does, he would release Arthur Hamilton from his obligation of confidentiality and allow him to be questioned by investigators. Did Harper not represent Mr. Hamilton’s involvement with witnesses as an element of the party’s co-operation, complementary to the official investigation, in the effort to determine the truth? It might be even more productive if the party would submit Mr. Hamilton and other insiders to questioning by ordinary members of the public rather than by the official investigators.

Owen Gray said...

Unfortunately, John, the Harperites don't like to answer questions. If they did, Harper would hold press conferences.

The problem with questions is that they can demand answers you're not prepared to give.