Sunday, July 14, 2013

They Do It Without Blushing

On May 2nd, the Harper government staged a ceremony to commemorate the Canadarm and Canada's contribution to space exploration. Curiously, Marc Garneau, Canada's first astronaut -- who was later made president of Canada's Space Agency, and who was the first person to operate the Canadarm  -- was not invited to the event. The Canadian Press reports:

Garneau was miffed at being excluded, blaming the lapse on the "highly partisan" Conservative government.

Two senior ministers, however, said museum and space agency staff fumbled the ball and that their own ministerial offices played no role.

But internal emails, guest lists and proposals show that the offices of James Moore, Canadian Heritage minister, and Christian Paradis, industry minister, were closely involved in the planning for more than two months.

Numerous draft lists of potential VIP guests included at least four former Canadian astronauts: Julie Payette, Roberta Bondar, Steve McLean and Robert Thirsk — with Garneau's name conspicuously absent.

The roster swelled to 62 names by the time of the event, though not all invitees accepted. Cmdr. Chris Hadfield participated by video link from the International Space Station.
Names were supplied by museum officials, the Canadian Space Agency and MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, the firm that recently refurbished the 15-metre Canadarm, which made its space debut in 1981.

The Canadian Press obtained the Canadarm museum file through the Access to Information Act, though no correspondence from the ministers' offices was included. Some key elements of the file were also censored.

This isn't the first time the Harperites have blamed bureaucrats for their own mistakes. But what is truly disturbing is the way they lie -- they do it without blushing. Their lack of embarrassment betrays their own deep insecurity.


Anonymous said...

What I find a little disturbing is that the Reformers now don't even seem to care whether Canadians think they're lying or not. I fear they may progressed from insecurity to psychopathy.

Owen Gray said...

I agree, Anon. There is something pathological about the way they lie and about their insecurity.

They'll only be secure when they have obliterated their opponents.

Lorne said...

Their lie about Garneau is yet just one more in a long series that show their contempt for all who refuse to swear obeisance to their twisted and self-serving ideology, Owen.

Owen Gray said...

And what is truly frustrating, Lorne, is that they believe they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off the topic but is important. It has come to my attention that National News Watch has been bought into by heavy duty conservative supporters. This is reflected in its content. Having decided, I suppose, that full frontal media exposure (setting up SunTV) will not impress Canadians, they will now quietly try to infiltrate other media sources.

sassy said...

Owen, and what's really sad is that so far they are getting away with it :( and will continue until enough Canadians say NO MORE at the poles.

Owen Gray said...

The Harperites are all about spin, Anon. Sun News did not pan out. They're looking for another channel.

Owen Gray said...

Precisely, sassy. As the government, they have what Teddy Roosevelt used to call a "bully pulpit." It leverages their lies.

The way to put an end to things is to put an end to their leverage.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's just another nail in their coffin, Owen. Just another nail. There are plenty of people on the right who are becoming fed up with this nonsense. Among them are the people who leaked the Duffy/Wright/Harper scandal details.

Owen Gray said...

You seem to have a bit of inside knowledge. Mound. I can't help but wonder if someone like Hugh Segal is apoplectic.

Anonymous said...

"I can't help but wonder if someone like Hugh Segal is apoplectic."

Good point, Owen. Segal is one of the 'Progressive' Conservatives who, if I recall correctly, recommended a guaranteed annual income policy be adopted to alleviate poverty in Canada. No doubt that report was shredded by the Harperites before reading.

And if Mound is correct, then the right-wing coalition may headed for a catastrophic explosion, like a runaway oil train in the night.

I sure hope so, anyway.

Owen Gray said...

If these folks self destructed, Anon, it would be far from tragic.