Monday, July 22, 2013

They're Wearing Off And Wearing Thin

Perhaps the public is finally catching on. The Canadian Press reports that a recent Harris-Decima survey -- required under federal advertising rules --  found that:

Slick television ads this year for the Harper government's "economic action plan" appear to be inspiring a lot of, well, inaction.

A key measure of the ads' impact is whether viewers check out, the web portal created in 2009 to promote the catch-all brand.

But a survey of 2,003 adult Canadians completed in April identified just three people who actually visited the website.

Perhaps people know that the Economic Action Plan has come to a halt and been replaced by The Deficit Reduction Plan. Or perhaps they know the Economic Action Plan is a baldfaced lie. At any rate, they give Harper and Company less credit than they did before:

Harris-Decima also asked: "How would you rate the overall performance of the Government of Canada," the same question asked in the other eight surveys.

Previous results from 2009 to 2012 showed an average of 43 per cent of respondents rating the government from good to excellent. The latest survey found only 38 per cent giving a positive endorsement, a trough hit only once before, in 2010.

Clearly, Harper Inc. is wearing off and wearing thin.


bcwaterboy said...

Keeping in mind that Steve and Co never saw the 2008 meltdown coming, denying any problems along the way, I would question that the so-called economic action plan never really did exist. It seems this government has done everything it can to ensure more good paying jobs disappear with the promise of good paying jobs attached to a pipe dream. This is a big fail and will only get worse.

Owen Gray said...

The Harperites have gone along way with nothing in their tank, waterboy.

Perhaps people are beginning to cotton on to the fact that -- as Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland, California -- there's no "there" there.

Anonymous said...

With the current controversy over the EI whistleblower it is wort noting that the Flaherty budget of 2010 dissolved the EI surplus of over $57 billion into general revenues.

They have since equalled that amount in current deficits while all the while spending millions of dollars on those annoying 'Action Plan' ads.

Owen Gray said...

And they continue to claim that managing the nation's finances is their strong suit, Anon.

That's a little like General Custer claiming he knows how to get out of a tight spot.