Thursday, August 08, 2013

Let The Ladies Have At It

The by-election in Toronto Centre promises to be very interesting. Chrystia Freeland and Linda McQuaig  --  women with strong media profiles -- will go head to head for Bob Rae's old seat. The riding will eventually be bifurcated by seat redistribution. John Ibbiston writes:

Toronto will get two of those ridings. One of them is in suburban Don Mills. The other essentially bifurcates the existing riding of Toronto Centre. Whoever wins the by-election will get to choose next time out between staying in Toronto Centre, which will encompass part of the lower downtown, or running in the new riding of University-Rosedale, which covers the University of Toronto and several exclusive neighbourhoods.

The losers may decide to seek the nomination in whichever riding the winner vacates.

But, more importantly, both women can serve as superb spokespersons for their parties. The Liberals have long had a reputation for expediency. The New Democrats have recently acquired a similar reputation.

For those of us who have been asking,"What do the parties stand for?" Ms. McQuaig and Ms. Freeland have an opportunity to answer that question.


Lorne said...

Well-said, Owen. I was saying to my wife the other day that I rarely get excited about politics anymore, but I feel a real frisson about McQuaig's candidacy. If I lived in Toronto Centre, I would without hesitation volunteer to help out on her behalf. Having candidates with actual public policy positions is all too rare today.

Owen Gray said...

And each has a long paper trail, Lorne. So voters should have a lot of content to work with.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I have long enjoyed Linda McQuaig's writings. I think she would make a very important contribution to discussions in parliament.

Owen Gray said...

She would be an excellent representative, Philip -- articulate and courageous.