Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Better To Reign In Hell

Jim Flaherty  jumped ship yesterday. It came as no surprise. When he questioned the wisdom of income splitting, he signalled that he was heading for dry land. He had the temerity to question the central tenet of Harperism. The surplus could not be used to pay down the national debt. And, more unacceptable still, it could not be invested in national priorities.  It had to be used for tax cuts.

Tax cuts don't serve the nation. They serve one purpose -- and one purpose only. They buy votes. And, therefore, they keep Stephen Harper in power. It was the equivalent of questioning the Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation. Flaherty had to be ex-communicated. For his part, he was quite willing to leave.

While he issued a statement touting what he feels are his accomplishments as finance minister, it would appear that Mr. Flaherty is content to live in his apostasy. Like Milton's Lucifer, he prefers to reign in hell rather than serve in heaven.


Steve said...

the problem is that in Harpers world self flagellation is not limited to self.

Owen Gray said...

He believes that his mission is to administer suffering, Steve. That's what austerity is all about.

the salamander said...

.. regardless of the plaudits and arse kissing of Flaherty by much of mainstream media.. the facts are unavoidable.

Jim Flaherty served up selloff sellout 'Budgets' dictated by one Stephen Harper.. with input, advice, contributions & cowardly complicity by the likes of Tom Flanagan, Nigel Wright, Jason Kenney, Bruce Carson, Energy Partners, Tony Clement, Ray Novak and the lickspittle PMO

Only a fool believes that Jim Flaherty, Pierre Poilievre, Gail Shea or Joe Oliver acts in any way independently of Harper oversight & approval.. or that what they 'think' means anything in HarperSpace

Harper Doctrine is Harper Doctrine .. PERIOD ..
Canada's federal government is now The Harper Government.. Good Night & Good Luck ..

So .. jimbo .. as to your glowing legacy .. ??
Uh Oh .. Omnibus 'Budgets' devised by the Man in Short Pants.. Stevie .. Yes, Jimbo.. those dirty little Harper bomblets scattered within your so called 'budgets' .. exploding the Canadian Environment, Species Protection, Critical Habitat, Navigable Waters.. and how about the CRA attacking charitable foundations.. firing scientists, closing libraries, slashing Environment Canada .. that was you? Right ?

The concerned Canadians, that you suggested as you took your final bows in your shiny shoes.. were in league with organized crime and terrorists.. ??

Joe Oliver is perfect to follow in your flawed footsteps.. both with your nose painted to Stephen Harper's arse.. so close we can't see any separation ..

You know every aspect of the destructive ideology, mantra and actions of the Harper Party.. best you come clean.. because somebody will... and History is not kind at all to losers and fakers..

Welcome back to Canada eh .. !
Recognize us .. Jimbo ??????

Owen Gray said...

Having been raised in Lachine -- a working class suburb of Montreal -- you would think that Flaherty would recognize the rest of us, salamander.

But he left the rest of us behind a long time ago.

Dana said...

All Ontarians owe Flaherty a huge debt of gratitude.

That well paying, unionized manufacturing sector was such a drag on the minimum wage, non-union service sector.

Hopefully Joe Oliver, another brilliant Ontarian, will be able to successfully continue the destruction of the Ontario middle class begun so magnificently Flaherty.

May the flesh fall off your bones while the cameras roll on the both of you.

Owen Gray said...

Mike Harris may be gone, Dana. But his spirit is alive and as malevolent as ever.

Dana said...

This summer will be our last summer at our cottage in the Kawarthas, Owen. It'll be on the market come June.

I will miss the cottage and the village and (some) of our friends there. I say some because there are astonishingly enough some major Ford and Harper supporters among them, people I had previously thought of as sane and rational. Won't miss them even a little bit and some of them are going to learn that this summer - some bridges are going to be charcoal stumps.

I will not miss Ontario's governmental rackets.

Owen Gray said...

We love that part of the province, Dana. Our second son received a Bachelor's and a Maser's degree from Trent, so we have spent a lot of time there.

The Common Sense Revolution did a lot to a to trash a beautiful part of the country.

Lorne said...

One of the things I find most repellant in the wake of Flaherty's resignation are the comments he is receiving from the political opposition, Owen. Federally, Mulcair mentioned his "strength of character" and his "commitment to serving our country."

In Ontario, Finance Minister Suousa said "I have always respected Minister Flaherty's leadership and stewardship of the economy."

People like Mulcair and Sousa may think they are being magnanimous in taking the high road; to me, their comments only reek of rank hypocrisy.

Owen Gray said...

Which is the reason some of us don't expect much of a change after the next election, Lorne.

Praising Flaherty's stewardhip and character is like congratulating the fox for finding his way to the chicken coop.

Anonymous said...

Canadians are living in very evil times. Anyone supporting Harper, are every bit as bad as he is. Anyone supporting Harper, has no self respect, honor, decency, ethics nor morals.

That means all of Harper's outfit, sold their souls to the devil Harper. And, that includes Flaherty.

the salamander said...

.. Dana .. Joe Oliver is from Quebec ..

Owen Gray said...

And he's a McGill alumnus, salamander, with a Harvard MBA.

Flaherty went to Princeton. Perhaps it has something to do with an Ivy League education.

Owen Gray said...

There are some who will paint Flaherty in heroic terms, Anon. That admiration -- I think -- is misplaced.

Carmichael said...

Sal, so is Flaherty but they both got elected in Ontario, didn't they? Unless where one gets elected has been made immaterial...

Owen Gray said...

I agree that where one is elected is critical, Carmichael.

But it's interesting that two native Quebecers belong to a government that has so little concern for its Quebec base.