Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sabotaging Environment Canada

Minister of the Environment Leona Aglukkaq recently released a report setting forth her ministry's priorities. They are: "conservation and restoration of landscapes, water and wildlife; information on changing weather patterns and minimizing threats from pollution." These priorities are supposedly part of an overall plan to provide "a clean, safe and sustainable environment while supporting economic prosperity."

But, Andrew Nikiforuk writes, funding for the ministry is being slashed. As usual, the Harper government's rhetoric doesn't match its deeds:

For priority one, Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq promises in the report's introduction "to protect and conserve wildlife and habitat" by unveiling "a new National Conservation Plan to further increase protected areas, focusing on stronger marine and coastal conservation."

Yet the department will cut funds for wildlife and water programs by 19.2 per cent between now and 2016/17, including a 35 per cent reduction to biodiversity programs, and nearly 10 per cent reductions for water programs, ecosystem sustainability and enforcement.

The ministry's second priority is to improve information on changing weather patterns:

Yet Environment Canada's weather services will be cut by 17.6 per cent between now and 2016/17. Funding for timely weather forecasts and warnings, for example, will drop to $143 million from $166 million by 2017.

And, most laughable of all, the ministry promises to mitigate the effects of climate change. However:

Funding for climate change and clean air programs will fall to $55 million from $118 million, while the enforcement budget drops to $29 million from $41 million by 2017.

As a native Canadian, the minister should know that this government is full of empty rhetoric. That rhetoric masks its real objective, which is to destroy government institutions. She has been tasked with the job of sabotaging Environment Canada.


the salamander said...

.. hopefully, all the transparent, overt, cowardly attacks by the current federal government.. the so-called Harper Government can be repealed and/or remediated.

.. transparent, yet masked, wrapped in deceit and doublespeak & denial.. that's how Stephen Harper and complicit Ministers, Energy Partners, bureaucratic operatives attack and disable.

.. the parasitic aspects of DFO, Environment and Resources ministries are working in lockstep to Harper's wishes, and there can be zero doubt who directs, approves the related ideologies via the PMO.. which are followed by strategy, targets, mission and then legislation or obstruction via delay, court litigation.. or outright refusal to adhere to law.

.. Peter Kent, Keith Ashfield, Joe Oliver, Gail Shea, Leona Aglukkaq represent despicable ignorant so-called Canadians, all unwilling to recognize they are public servants.. not servants of The Harper Party, The Harper Government, the PMO or Stephen Harper.

.. over a year ago, the idea that Stephen Harper might merge Resources and Environment seemed hysterical.. or paranoid.. The reality is that he has folded them all.. including DFO together under his ideology and control.. and simply not mentioned this to Canada or Canadians..

.. The Harper Record & Legacy of Cowardice and Deceit must be identified for exactly what it is.. an insulting, shocking sellout of the country called Canada and its people..

Rural said...

This 'government' (and I use that tern very loosely)has a long record of saying exactly the opposite of what they do. This is but one more Orwellian announcement that is the best indication that they have no intention of doing any of these things.

Owen Gray said...

Harper has worked hard to demonize the public service, salamander. And he certainly has never seen himself as a public servant.

In the name of austerity, his goal is to bankrupt the nation.

Owen Gray said...

Precisely, Rural. They have become accomplished practitioners of "doublespeak."

Lorne said...

Although I am a deeply cynical man, Owen, I am still always struck by the number of people, including the likes of Leona Aglukkaq, who prostitute themselves so readily for power. Were I a little less enraged over what Harper et al have done, I might, like many others, be completely turned off the political process. But I hope I care too much about this country to ever become that disenchanted.

Jack said...

if uglykook wasn't already a "stepford" harpie minion, she wouldn't have ever received her appointment in the first place.
"Elementary, my dear Watson."

Owen Gray said...

It's easy to become disenchanted, Lorne, when you see people who should know better bow and scrape for recognition.

I suppose it has something to do with how highly you value your soul.

Owen Gray said...

She should know better, Jack. But either she doesn't -- or she chooses not to know better.

liberalandlovingit said...

...the people in harper's cabinet will have a lot to account for down the road...what are the terms they settled on for selling themselves out to the highest bidder, for instance? Someday, their children may want to know.

Owen Gray said...

And, when their children know the full extent of the sell out, Loving It, they'll be furious.

Anonymous said...

The Harperites don't seem to have any problem cashing their tax funded government pay and pension cheques. So there appears to be limits to their ideology, especially when it applies to them.

Owen Gray said...

The rules have always been for others, Anon -- not them.

liberalandlovingit said...

I love Hansard. And CPAC...friends of Canada.

Owen Gray said...

Despite their attempts to sabotage the record -- by gutting Statistics Canada -- they will stand accused by their own words, Loving It.

Anonymous said...

From; “Energy Policy Institute of Canada: Key Directions for a Canadian Energy Strategy Released Framework guides Canada to global energy leadership with new markets, innovation and energy literacy and conservation--CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 2, 2012) - The Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC) has released its framework for a Canadian energy strategy… snip…"EPIC has led the conversation on a Canadian energy strategy for the last two and a half years… snip…Early in EPIC's discussions, Canada's regulatory system was identified as a potential obstacle in maximizing the value of the country's energy resources. Canada has a strong regulatory system… snip…EPIC's concentration on regulatory improvements were clearly laid out in draft documents presented to provincial and federal ministers in the summer of 2011 and, earlier this year, Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver announced legislative changes that would put EPIC's recommendations into federal law…”

Please note; “Canada's regulatory system” above should read “Canada’s current environmental protection regulatory system.” The regulations were a thorn in the side of those who lobby for ‘quick easy and zero environmental responsibility' extraction (removal to market) of Canada’s non-renewable energy resources (coal, gas, oil etc.) and its transport. Also “recommendations” should read “directives”.

Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC) -Home page;
Who We Are –Link; -and here you will find:

“…Our sole purpose is to develop a comprehensive, pan-Canadian approach to energy which will provide the foundation for recommendations [directives] to federal, provincial and territorial government authorities responsible for energy and environment policy…”

In the first article Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver's admitted adopting EPIC’s directives (recommendations) wholesale and EPIC’s membership is oil company’s, pipeline company’s, natural gas company's, railway company’s etc. executives. The membership;

The members collectively stand to save hundreds of millions if billions in extra profit by avoiding clean-up costs and elimination of protection (safeguards) of the environment including water and waterways, wildlife, their habitat and fish –“The revised legislation now restricts protections to fish that are part of a commercial, recreational or aboriginal fishery, and only against “serious harm”. It also does away with a prohibition on "harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat". –from;

We all know now that the resource extraction industry is both the major commercial user and polluter of waters and waterways in Canada. As a matter of fact Federal Bill C-38 the "Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act" is also called “The Environmental Destruction or Devastation Act”* by its critics who (other than Harper and his supporters of yes men/women and trained seals), represent the majority of Canadians view. So why is Harper allowing the ‘energy extraction industry’ to re-write the rules? Simply he does not give a damn about Canadians, Canadian values or the rich pristine Canadian environment and our vibrant unique wildlife. Mister Harper cares about lining the elites pockets hastily with no restrictions to keep water rich Canada in a beautiful safe sound and happy place to be proud to hand off to future generations. He priorities are to destroy all that is The Canadian Environment in exchange for non-renewable energy resources that mostly benefit the 1% and are the scourge of the 99%.

Mogs>to be continued...

Anonymous said...


How about Harper’s Minister of the Environment Leona Aglukkaq, will she help preserve our environment? From “In a short televised interview on CTV’s daily political show, Power Play, Leona Aglukkaq suggested that scientific observations were not as important as the Harper government’s priorities…”

The fox (industry) writes the rules for when and how the chicken-coop (environment) will be available to him in Canada with blessings of the farm’s manager (Harper).



Owen Gray said...

The whole story behind EPIC -- which Alison over at Creekside has thoroughly explored -- reveals who the Harperites are really working for, Mogs.

And it's not for the people whose votes put them in office.