Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Flim Flam Men

Listening to Pierre Poilievre defend the "Fair" Elections Act, you really have to ask yourself: Just who is this guy? He insists that voter fraud is a major problem. But Michael Harris writes that a report by Harry Neufeld concluded that voter fraud was virtually non existent in Canada. However,

in what will surely go down as one of the funniest spectacles in Canadian political history, Poilievre has been quoting from a report to defend Bill C-23 even after the author of the report said he has misread it. That said, Poilievre manfully insists that his interpretation of Neufeld’s report is correct; it’s the author who is wrong. Which leads to this fully-frontal absurdity: Pierre Poilievre, His Master’s Voice in this government, says that if Neufeld comes before the parliamentary committee studying Bill C-23, the minister will not be swayed by his testimony. But he will continue to cite the deluded man’s report to justify the government’s crackdown on non-existent voter fraud.

His position seems pretty clear. The truth is what I say it is. You cannot trust what other people say. You must trust me.

It's all of a piece for the man who Harris calls His Master's Voice. And it's all of a piece with the Orwellian title of the bill. Poilevre is a flim-flam man. The Harperites believe they make their own truth as they make their own reality.

They are all flim-flam men.


Anonymous said...

Pierre Poilievre is a 'Backpfeifengesicht',
a German compound word that translates into 'a face that should be slapped'.

'Flim Flam Men' is a term used in polite society. I tend to think of the Harperites as lying little shits.

Owen Gray said...

It's the short simple words which cut through the flim-flam and get directly at the truth, Anon.

Anonymous said...

The only major fraud that had anything to do with voting in Canada was robo-calls, which was traced back to the conservative party of Canada database called Constituency Information Management System (CIMS), which had nothing to do with illegal voting and everything to do with illegal vote suppression on behalf of the conservatives.

What happened here Owen, did we go back to grade school bully tactics? Harper government attitude; Even though I am dead wrong, just and only because I got the power (majority government) I am right and anyone who dares question my righteousness gets verbal abuse, a smear campaign, blacklisted and ostracized so there.

When are Canadians going to wake up and realize Harper’s trained seals have never graduated from grade school mentality and that we need something more in the way of talent, maturity and intelligence to run a countries government?

Canadians are you content sitting back and watching this charade passed off as government and run by a single conceited, self-absorbed and pompous creature that allows participation only from resource extraction robber barons and right-wingers from south of the border?


Owen Gray said...

I can add nothing to what you've said, Mogs. Mr. Harper believes he makes the rules.

That's what the Fair Elections Act is all about.

Lorne said...

Poilievre's insistence that his is the only truth is symptomatic of the ideological disease that infects the entire Harper cabal, Owen. With no one to administer the hard medicine of truth, it will always be thus in the Conservative Party as long as it is led by that democratic cancer known as Stephen Harper.

Owen Gray said...

I like your phrase "democratic cancer," Lorne. It implies that the tumor can be removed -- if the surgeons get to it in time.

Anonymous said...

Owen the Fair Elections Act is the Imperium’s new-speak, Pierre Poilievre (pp) is heavily engaged in telling us fraud in voting is everywhere and he cites the report by Harry Neufeld. Meanwhile Canada's chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand and author Harry Neufeld of said report that pp (poof pants) quotes to get his facts says "I never said there was voter fraud," Neufeld said in an interview. "Nor did the Supreme Court, who looked at this extremely carefully."* –pp is obviously well versed at using creative newspeak; the Harper governments modus operandi.

Yes Owen you are right and the Harper Imperium’s newspeak is how they package and sell it.


* http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/03/07/pierre-poilievre-voter-fraud-fair-elections-act_n_4917506.html

Owen Gray said...

That's how they package everything, Mogs.

Inse said...

Going back to Mog's earlier comments about 'self absorbed pompous creature' I read this yesterday from Elizabeth May

Items 4 onwards, in particular, fit Mog's description well.

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Inse. As May points out, these are places where prime ministers -- of all parties -- traditionally put in an appearance.

It's another indication that Harper doesn't like people. For a man with such woefully inadequate people skills, he's come a long way.

the salamander said...

.. spam in a can .. democratic government
delivered and marketed by governaughts ..

But in reality we are 'buying' catty food
re-labeled & branded as AAA Alberta Beef

.. more likely horse meat from the Alberta Wild Horse Cull plus bits from dead caribou.. or wolves
blended with commercial salmon skin for extra flavor
& add a dash of dilbit for extra echo action kanada shmeck.. and to help you stay 'regular '

Puke Poilievre is a perfect reflection of Stephen Harper.. tho with far better hair, no obvious use for a significant female or children.. and realistically a fine fit to sit on the other side of the throne along with Jason Kenney or James Moore.. as consorts & future royal couple

Owen Gray said...

They're all in the business of selling toxic waste, salamander -- at home and abroad.

Hugh said...


Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Hugh. It would appear that people who know something about elections aren't impressed by Mr. Harper or His Master's Voice.

Anonymous said...

Inse & Owen,

Without E. Mays personal observation that she is willing to share we would know not of Steve’s behaviour it the cloisters of the halls of parliament. It certainly is revealing that Steve feels himself above even other parliamentarians. Then again most of the information we get about Steve is in much the same form, outsiders by chance given a glimpse of his Majesty throwing temper tantrums in foreign capitals or in cabinet meetings or other truly bizarre behaviour not fit for a normal person.

According to May’s observation Steve certainly has himself escorted and ensconced as if he really was royalty and not an ordinary citizen of Canada. Houston we have a problem here.


Hugh, great link, I perceive this surely should rattle the cage the cons built for themselves as this is a broadside they in their vanity did not anticipate as they have been getting away with annihilating, bulldozing, crushing, decimating and devastating so much Canadian law and Order in their short Majority with nary a peep that their heads are swollen to the point of explosion, well done Pierre Poilievre you have crossed a bridge too far!


Owen Gray said...

Let's hope it turns out to be a bridge too far, Mogs.

Hugh said...

Page B-2 of the Vancouver Sun:


Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Hugh. More evidence that the true intent of the legislation is abundantly clear.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the Imperium may have just hit a speed bump that could derail them. This ‘Fair Election Act’ is in for a challenge and this is encouraging news indeed. Re; Hugh’s 2 links in his posts, meanwhile Allison over @ Creekside has done some good digging as well and found Elections Canada vid’s encouraging students to vote that the Imperium is hell bent for leather, bound and determined to CENSOR:

http://creekside1.blogspot.ca/ Elections --> Canada youth vote vids vs ... puffin poop?

Well worth the view, if this bill is not out right censorship what is?


Owen Gray said...

I've been reading Alison's posts, Mogs. She has done some terrific digging.

Try as hard as they do to bury things, it would appear that a number of people refused to be fooled.

Anonymous said...

Ah the English language and the discovery of little used words like piffle that are so apt at this juncture to describe the author of 'the fair elections act' and his antics in a misguided attempt to defend the indefensible:

Piffling Pierre Poilievre,
pontificating his piffle everywhere through his lack of knowledge and truth while attempting to defend his reasons for supposedly authoring bill c-23. The English language; at times like this you have to love it.

Definition of piffle:

1 piffle intransitive verb: to talk or act in a trivial, inept, or ineffective way

2 piffle noun: words or ideas that are false or silly

Full definition of piffle:

: trivial nonsense

Pontificate: to speak or write and give your opinion about something as if you knew everything about it and as if only your opinion was correct:



Owen Gray said...

Well said, Mogs. Just more piffle from Pierre.