Friday, June 13, 2014

His Cheese Is Slipping

Not long ago, Stephen Harper mused about scoring a hat trick in Ontario -- a Tory at Toronto City Hall, a Tory at Queen's Park and himself -- the Big Cheese -- in Ottawa. This morning, Rob Ford is in rehab; Tim Hudak has resigned; and Stephen Harper -- who knows?

The Conservative defeat last night -- and that's what it was -- was a case of a flawed message and a flawed messenger. Voters clearly understood that Tim Hudak's much vaunted one million jobs plan couldn't pass a grade four math class. And Mr. Hudak was a lousy salesman.

Because Ontario's provincial ridings mirror its federal ridings, there are a few lessons Harper should take from last night's results. Tasha Kheiriddin writes:

Fear of cuts trumps fear of corruption. NDP leader Andrea Horwath learned this the hard way. She kicked off the election to kick out a scandal-plagued government, but people were more concerned the Tories would cut services. And they voted Liberal to prevent that from happening.

Ontarians don’t feel overtaxed. No, really. The Tories promised to cut taxes. The Liberals promised to raise them. The NDP promised to do both. And the Liberals got a majority government. Sigh.

Likeability matters. In the corridors, when no one was watching, even stalwart Tories would shake their heads and lament that voters just didn’t like Hudak. Ontarians didn’t love Wynne or Horvath, but they liked them better. Which could explain why …

Harper joked at Jim Flaherty's funeral that even his friends don't like him. And his government has served up both corruption and tax cuts.

There will be two federal by-elections in Ontario at the end of the month. The results should be interesting. It's beginning to look like the province which gave Mr. Harper his majority could well show him the back of its hand in the next federal election. As they say in the American South, "The boy's cheese is slipping off his cracker."


the salamander said...

.. before going off on an angry anti-Harper rant.. or sayonara to Hudak.. or encouraging Doug Ford or his brother to enter the Big Top tent of 'Conservative' value circus attendants.. I will post this ..

Why ? Why post this to you.. ? Well, it leaped from the page (screen) at me.. as thorough, important Canadian journalism

Bloggers such as yourself & all the rest o the usual suspects.. plus evolving MSM journos like Justin Ling.. and established (salaried or contract) writers, Maher for example.. face the same problem most 'everyday citizens' (Poilievre - as opposed to not every day citizens) face.

That being, pulling individual acts of The Harper Government out of the neverending Secrecy & Deceit & Obstruction Royal Redaction & Denial Cesspool.. and resolving or swallowing such acts.

Hell, even Coyne says they arrive daily, in clumps now.

Then we catch CBC allowing Andrew MacDougall, safely jettisoned to London England as a 'Senior Whorever' to harangue anonymous or concerned Canadians for whining about Harper & his Short Pants pimps in the PMO

Sheeshky !

Connect & compare the mealy Harper Loyalist diatribe to the reality exposed by Justin Ling, shake & don't stir.. and one is left with a vision. Mine being.. some alert Canadian Forces NCO or Staff Sergeant questioning what desk jockey PMO dick, under senior orders, tasked this asinine, reckless undemocratic spy mission down the chain of command.

Maybe its one for Mound to explain ..
But I for one would love for Andrew MacDougall or Peter MacKay or Stephen Harper to explain
why They.. and.. The Boys In Short Pants are Okay

Owen Gray said...

Various ministries have been monitoring this blog for some time, salamander.

But using armed forces' intelligence services is taking things to an entirely different level.

It reveals just how scared these folks are.

mogs moglio said...

"an ammo shipment"? Huh did I miss something here why does Canada have ammunitions shipments during peace and times of no war?

From your link above Salamander as the Vancouver observer reports.

And of all places Whitehorse, does any of you that have never lived up there realize how small it really is?

Why does the harper government need armaments way up there?

If you had ever been there as an analogy you would realize it is as ridiculous as allowing children to drive fully armed tanks to grade-school i.e. a recipe for disaster.

But that is what the short pants are all about isn't it?

Owen Gray said...

All -- or most -- forces bases have ammo storage depots, Mogs. Weapons, and the stuff which is fed into them, are all over this country.

Steve said...

This is a bit of a leap of perspective but it shows Why Wynne Won and why Harper is intrinsically irrelevant.
Transit and green energy!

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Steve. There may actually be some forward thinking going on.