Thursday, June 26, 2014

Politically Inconvenient


Hypocrisy  is at the heart of the Harper regime. That hypocrisy was on display once again this week when John Baird -- the prime minister's bullhorn -- declared that, in the case of Mohamed Fahmy, bullhorn diplomacy wouldn't work.

Harper has been using his bullhorn against the tyranny of Vladimir Putin a lot recently. But, when it comes to Egypt, he sees no tyranny at all. The reason for his blind spot, Linda McQuaig writes, is Harper's unquestioning support for Israel:

Harper has never cared about democracy in Egypt. On the contrary, democracy there has been seen as a threat to the interests of Harper’s most favoured ally, Israel, which has long relied on the Egyptian government to help it enforce its blockade of Gaza — a blockade that is extremely unpopular among the Egyptian people.

So, while most of the world celebrated the unexpected eruption of the Arab Spring in Cairo three years ago — and even Washington eventually abandoned its long-time ally Mubarak — the Harper government remained wary, reluctant to see the end of a helpful dictator.

Harper has no interest now in defending Mohammed Fahmy because it interferes with his higher priority — giving a free hand to the newly restored pro-Israel military dictatorship, which has enthusiastically taken up enforcing the Gaza blockade.

Fahmy -- like so many other people in Harper's path -- is politically inconvenient.


liberalandlovingit said...

I knew it would sicken me to read this, two seconds in, Owen.

Anonymous said...

Harper rips into Putin for his, annexing of the Crimea. However, Harper says absolutely nothing of, Communist China doing the exact same thing.

China has sunk other countries boats and has, used water cannons on them.China has had to be escorted off other countries territories. Japan had to scramble their fighter jets, China had invaded Japan's airspace. China has threatened the Philippines and Vietnam. Communist China cheats the African people their wages. Nor, does Harper say anything about, the Chinese peoples human rights.

Harper cares about Harper and what benefits him. Harper wants the literally thousands and thousands of the Chinese votes. Vancouver is overrun with, 413,000 of Chinese. 45,000 more Chinese want into BC. Premier Clark did a major such-up to the Chinese in BC. We all know, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, work for Harper. Harper will also have the Jewish people in Canada, their votes too. Harper will have the Ukrainian peoples votes in Canada as well.

As far as Harper and democracy? Harper doesn't believe in democracy in Canada either. Harper doesn't govern, he dictates.

Prince Charles got it all wrong? Putin isn't Hitler, Harper is. Harper doesn't know what democracy is. Harper has a very shady political past.

When it comes to Harper? People should be damned careful, of what they wish for.

Owen Gray said...

Saying that Harper is Hitler is going a bit far, Anon. We've not had a holocaust here.

But he does run a government which is more dictatorship than democracy.

Owen Gray said...

I'm sorry it had that effect on you, Loving It. But, let's face it. You only have value to Stephen Harper if you offer him some political advantage.

That is the nature of the man.

liberalandlovingit said...

I do know that.
Many years ago I was taken up with that particular struggle and especially the good-faith work done by Arafat, a very interesting man, Carter and Clinton. I learned the history as it's such an historically prominent and sensitive area of land and water...and tried to talk to people about it.
Freedom Fighter Or Terrorist? is a good book.
I was repulsed, angered and disgusted by it then, and still am.

I'm hoping to hear the Liberals,
MP Cotler for one, speak or write about this.

Owen Gray said...

Cotler has gravitas, Loving It. He might take up the argument.

It should be obvious to anyone and everyone that Harper's foreign policy is all about buying votes at home.