Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wherever He Goes

With two recent decisions, Tasha Kheiriddin writes, Stephen Harper may have lost B.C -- and beyond. His first decision -- to approve Northern Gateway and then disappear -- has stoked growing opposition to the project:

The Tories’ sotto voce approval might be a sign not only of Gateway’s mortality but Keystone’s as well. This would put into question their entire western economic and political strategy. Without increased pipeline capacity, Alberta petroleum producers can’t take more oil to market, unless they send it by rail. That’s already causing massive problems for another western constituency — farmers — who are watching their crops pile up as trains full of bitumen chug past.

Without petrodollars, the Tories’ dreams of moving Canada’s economic and political axis from Toronto to Calgary will pass them by. If Keystone is dead, Gateway has to come through. But without another Tory majority government, it won’t. Hence the importance of B.C. and its 42 seats.

His decision to "reform" the Temporary Foreign Workers Program has elicited howls of opposition in both British Columbia and Alberta:

Meanwhile, unions are making noise over Ottawa’s changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers’ Program. B.C. Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair stated this week that “the program is still going to exist — they just found ways to massage public opinion so they can continue with it.” Consequently, he added, “our position is that (foreign workers) should be given citizenship … If they’re good enough to work here, they’re good enough to live here, bring their families and spend their paycheques in Canada.”

All of the Alberta Conservative leaderships candidates have voiced their disapproval. The prime minister is now making enemies of former friends.

He sees enemies everywhere because he creates them everywhere -- wherever he goes.


bcwaterboy said...

It was interesting watching a clip on Global news last night about the "warmest May on record" and interspersed a puffed chested harper denouncing any measures which would ruin jobs. Not a single comment about that idiotic claim; it was surreal from the standpoint of how low we've sunk to drinking this man's kool aid. Harper's reputation is such in BC and he will hold most of those 42 seats Owen unfortunately, as most voters in this neck of the woods remain loyal to their own detriment.

Owen Gray said...

That's truly depressing, waterboy. Who says that stupidity doesn't sell?

Lorne said...

Increasingly, Owen, Harper is the outlier on the climate change file. A report by The World Bank posits tremendous growth in world GDP if climate change is fought vigorously

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Lorne. I've always felt that Harper's claim that he is an economist qualifies as an urban legend.

Anonymous said...

Don't include the BC citizens. Do you not recall? Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell is, Harper's favorite henchman. He too twice lied and cheated to win his elections, just as his good buddy Harper did. Harper rewarded Campbell the post as, High Commissioner to the U.K. Campbell thieved and sold everything of value out of BC, he got his dirty hands on. Spiteful little Campbell, made sure he destroyed BC Hydro, before he was forced to resign.

There are 413,000 Chinese in Vancouver. 45,000 more Chinese want in. China is also after BC's ancient forests. We know, Harper did a sneak trip to Vancouver Island. Neither Harper nor Gordon Campbell announce their visits to BC. At the BC Olympics, both Harper and Campbell were booed by the people attending the games.

Christy Clark is just another Campbell, wearing a skirt. Clark has done a major suck-up to the Chinese. Harper wants those Chinese votes. Harper also has, the Ukrainian and the Jewish votes in Canada.

There will be thousands more of Chinese brought over for, Clark and Harper's Northern BC mining plan.

Harper is so paranoid, his security bill has doubled. The Parliament security, will now carry weapons. Harper certainly must think a lot of himself. Why, I don't know?

When it comes to Harper and climate change, forget it. Harper's greed always trumps common sense every time. Harper is rabid to be, a big shot on the International scene.

Harper cares about Harper and to hell with the people. Harper doesn't give a damn about farmers nor anyone else, that are struggling.

Owen Gray said...

And -- at least until the next election -- we're stuck with him, Anon.

Let's hope we don't make a mistake again.

Steve said...

I do not understand the opposition strategy. Keeping their powder dry so to speak. The Cons pounce on anything and its front page news in the National Post and Sun, broadcast by CTV and then regurgitated endlessly on talk radio.

When Harper screws up, which happens daily crickets from the opposition.

Owen Gray said...

In fairness, Steve, the opposition does try to highlight Harper's screw ups in Question Period. But Canadians have tuned out Question Period.

And Harper has the editorial support of most of the corporate media.

Steve said...

Owen the Star could go after him like Rob Ford but they do not?

Owen Gray said...

True, Steve, the Star is harder on Ford than it is on Harper. However, Tom Walkom -- who has a PhD in Economics -- frequently shows why Harper is no economist.