Sunday, July 27, 2014

He Must Be Laughing


An op-ed  appeared in yesterday's Globe and Mail under Stephen Harper's name. Whoever wrote the piece claims that,"Our duty is to stand firm in the face of Russian aggression." On the same day, in The Tyee, Tom Henheffer also wrote an op-ed, on the subject of the CRA's audits of Canadian non-profits, like PEN:

In effect, our government is censoring an anti-censorship organization. It makes me wonder, is this really Canada? If so, it’s a country I'm having a hard time recognizing.

So what is the justification for creating this clear chill on free speech?

Well, no one really knows. These audits overwhelmingly target environmental groups opposed to oilsands development. Many of these are the same organizations former Natural Resources and current Finance Minister Joe Oliver called out as being "radical groups" trying to undermine Canadian development. Yet the government maintains it has no control over who the CRA investigates.

Lawrence Martin was stationed in Moscow during the Cold War. He has noted that Harper's information control is reminiscent of what went on in Russia before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Certainly there was no such thing as free speech.

Yet Mr Harper presents himself as a Crusader for Individual Liberty. Vladimir Putin must be laughing.

We will be in  Montreal for the next couple of days. But I plan to be back at this keyboard on Wednesday.


lorne said...

A very effective juxtaposition, Owen.

mogs moglio said...

Things are definitely upside down inside out and backwards in Canada under the Harper regime. He is moving closer to Russian style dictator/governing than Canada has ever been. In fact not in the history of Canada have we seen such blatant censuring and clamp down on freedom as under Harper. Look at the G-20/8 mess people who were peacefully demonstrating along with other normal citizens going about their business who happened to be in the area because they lived there, were "kettled" by Toronto Police, terrorized, some beaten and others dragged of to 'jail' for committing no crime. The police were responding directly to orders from the PMO's office.

If any foreign national wants to know what Canada is really like "Canada is a police state run by Steve Harper himself who acts as if he is above the restrictions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms." i.e. he Steve believes they do not apply to him or the con government, they may do what ever they so shall want.

Steve said...

The Grey Lady Speaks. Not often she is abraded.
With Harper and Obama at war can we expect a Whats wrong with Canada Editorial next?

Anonymous said...

"Yet Mr. Harper presents himself as a Crusader for Individual Liberty."

A Crusader, alright.
From a long-gone century, maybe.

Here's a quote from a Liberal,

who truly believed in and made


the policies that guaranteed

the freedom of the individual-

for the whole of society:

"Establishind residential centres to facilitate the transitition from prison door to normal life, IS A MAJOR BREAK-THROUGH IN THE ADVANCEMENT OF CORRECTIONAL PRACTICES.
On behalf of all Canadians who believe in THE FREEDOM AND DIGNITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL, I endorse the good work of St. Leonard's Socity of Canada."

The Right, Honourable Pierre
Elliott Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

Most of us know? Auditing charities is not about cheating on their taxes. it's about, Harper saying charities are funding, anti-pipeline and anti-oil sands groups.

There are thousands of people from all over the world, objecting to the oil sands, because of climate change. There are many in Canada of whom, don't get a cent to object

Owen Gray said...

Exactly, Anon. This is not about charities cheating on their taxes.

Owen Gray said...

You've just repeated the name of the man who drives them crazy, Loving It.

Owen Gray said...

Probably, Steve. There are powerful interests at work and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Owen Gray said...

Yet he believes he speaks with moral authority, Mogs.

Owen Gray said...

It may be effective, Lorne. But, ultimately, it's tragic.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of the effect Owen,
that Liberalism has on the close-mindedness of Conservatism.

Which has very little to do with why it bears repeating.

Trying to sanitize (read- erase)
history, is a fool's game;
only making Conservatives
all the more transparent,
to those who care to see.

Owen Gray said...

Modern conservatives try to ignore history, Loving It. But, if they are allowed to do so, they prefer to rewrite it.

mogs moglio said...

And yet the Fraser Institute that bred Harper through the auspices of ex-professor Tom Flanagan and whose motive is truly political goes unscathed.

Now Mr. Harper don't you dare tell me this is not foreigners dictating Canadian policy. How come you are not auditing them?

Owen Gray said...

There are lots of people who need auditing, Mogs. But Mr. Harper has turned the auditors loose on his enemies.

mogs moglio said...

Here is one for Harpers hokey hockey book;

"The NHL just said climate change threatens the future of hockey"

Steve how will you reconcile that...

Owen Gray said...

Perhaps he'll try to silence the NHL, Mogs.