Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Real Battle Has Begun


The Prime Minister's Office announced yesterday that Stephen Harper on the witness stand is an unlikely prospect. The Canadian Press reports:

Stephen Harper's office says it's "difficult to imagine" the prime minister would have any relevant information to share in the trial of Sen. Mike Duffy.

Spokesman Jason MacDonald says in an email that the PMO has responded "fully and freely" to requests for assistance from RCMP investigators.

He adds the Mounties have made it clear they don't believe Harper has any knowledge of Duffy's alleged wrongdoing and that there would be no reason for the prime minister to be involved should Duffy's defence team attempt to have him testify.

So we can expect that Stephen Harper will do everything he can to avoid being questioned in court by Donald Bayne, Duffy's attorney. Bayne would destroy the prime minister's shifting narrative and -- worse still -- the myth  that Stephen Harper is the smartest guy in the room.

 That outcome must be avoided at all costs. And, so, the real battle has begun.


Rural said...

If anyone believes that Puffy will go down quietly I have a pristine waterfront property for you in Fort McMurray. This could get real interesting but as with the robocall case the Cons will do everything to avoid and delay any appearance in court and questioning under oath of anyone from the PM on down. What odds there will be a plea bargaining offer if things get too close to Harper?

lorne said...

So there we have it, Owen - a prime minister who has declared himself to be above the law. A greater example of Harper's unfitness for office I cannot image.

Owen Gray said...

And, remember, Lorne, he claims that what we need is more law and order -- and more punishment for those who break the law.

Owen Gray said...

It's possible, Rural. Remember, Bayne's first duty is to his client. Dropping charges could get them all off the hook.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh great. Having gamed the investigation to take Wright, Perrin, Harper, Gerstein, LeBreton, Tkachuk and Stewart-Olsen off the hook, the Royal Conservative Mounted Police now want to game the litigation to derail the defence. Honest cops investigate. Other cops try to meddle in the court case to vouch that some person of interest has nothing to say and should not be called by the defence to testify.

This is not the police force one would have in a functioning democracy. It is a partisan, state police agency in service, not to the country, but to its autocratic leader.

Owen Gray said...

The fix in in, Mound. Let's hope that Bayne will not be denied -- and the judge will not be bamboozled.

Dana said...

There's a judge?

This appears to mean they're actually going to pretend this is a real court proceeding?


Even dedicated Harperians aren't going to believe that so why do they bother?

Oh yeah, right. That democracy, rule of law thingy.

I' getting tired of the pretense.

liberalandlovingit! said...

For such a litigious man,
(Harper- as was his father)
and a Conservative party
that practices "trench-warfare" in the court-room;
it wouldn't matter anyway.
Ask the Vet's.
Ask the First Nation's people.

All we have is our vote.

Owen Gray said...

Precisely, Loving It.

Owen Gray said...

The problem which now confronts Harperians, Dana, is that their man is no longer prosecutor, judge and jury.

liberalandlovingit! said...

How much is our vote worth these days, Owen?
2 or 3/5?
Conservative devaluation is
indiscriminate in it's sweep.

Owen Gray said...

That's hard to say, Loving It. But the Robocalls scam proves that the Harperites are working hard to keep you from getting to the right poll.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper's office says it's "difficult to imagine" the prime minister would have any relevant information to share in the trial of Sen. Mike Duffy.

What ever happened to the politicians favorite response:

"I can't comment on this matter as it's currently before the courts"?

Ha, the spin has begun.

Owen Gray said...

Precisely, Anon. The man believes he can always spin himself out of a tight spot.