Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ignorance Is Strength


The central theme of Stephen Harper's re-election campaign has emerged: Harper against the elites. In his tour of the North, Harper called Justin Trudeau an elitist. And, this week, Fred DeLorey sent out an email to conservative supporters, complaining about Heather Mallick's reference to Harper's sociopathic tendencies:

"If you ever had any doubt that the urban media elite are mobilizing against us, this ridiculous piece should end it," he wrote.
In her defence, Mallick told the Vancouver Observer:

He lacks a moral conscience when he comes to people he dislikes or distrusts. And that's the definition of a sociopath."

Harper's attack on "elites" is classic Orwellian inversion. And that's why Harper has declared war on sociologists. They reveal that, as Harper attacks elites, he serves their interests. Businesses don't need tax cuts to survive. They need customers. Crime is not just about personal responsibility. It's about social responsibility. Harper claims to support our troops, as he cuts services to veterans.

George Orwell knew how it worked. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. But, most of all, ignorance is strength. As long as voters remain ignorant, Harper can remain prime minister.


Anonymous said...

Guess it is now not only ignorance, but also incompetence, is strength.

Parliament under the Harper government sent the wrong version of the Cons' Crime bill to Senate for approval (today's Globe & Mail). Apparently first time this has ever happened. Not sure whether we should laugh or cry at this mistake, eh?

Another dubious distinction for Harper and his Party/Government, after the firsts for being brought down for Contempt of Parliament and, also, being convicted of electoral fraud for the In and Out affair.

Some would argue this is likely why he has to cheat to win. Poor fellow would finish last if he played by the rules, eh?

Owen Gray said...

Rules are for others, Anon. Harper believes that he makes them and he can change them. That's what the "Fair" Elections Act was all about.

The Mound of Sound said...

It is truly Orwellian, Owen. Harper tours the north and goes to great pains to depict the threat Arctic Canada faces from Russia as the sea ice retreats. At the same time he has cut defence spending in Canada to 1% - one percent - of GDP. Trudeau had it at 2%. Now the armed forces are saddled with obsolete, unreliable equipment that has sapped their readiness.

Those submarines would make Canada the laughingstock of any credible navy. Even the city state of Singapore has more subs and they're state of the art, not 60's vintage technology.

Owen Gray said...

The "wizard" behind the curtain is a bombastic little man, Mound.

Askingtherightquestions said...

It really does baffle, Owen! As Mound notes, Harper "loves" visiting the North, loves to march the Rangers out, but to my knowledge, they still have their WWII Lee-Enfields to protect us from Vlad the Bad. No mention of the melting ice sheets, increased methane releases, just greenhouses for the north!

Certainly the CPC had a strong response to Mallick's article. He has NOT faired well in his responses for a call for an in depth investigation into missing and murdered aboriginal women. I wonder when real questioning will really start about his leadership?

Owen Gray said...

Perhaps that will only start happening when his poll numbers really drop -- like into the low 20's, Asking. Only then will the Conservatives start to see him as a liability.

Anonymous said...

Harper is a paranoid control freak. There is a low concentration of citizens, living in our High Arctic. No doubt Harper feels much more safe up there. Harper knows exactly how much he is despised. His security bill has doubled.

Herr Harper`s most famous quotes. I am the law. I make the rules. And by the time I get through with this country, you won`t recognize it.

Of course we recognize Canada. This country is becoming more and more as Nazi Germany, in the 30`s and 40`s. Not as extreme of course, but very similar characteristics. Look at Hitler`s earlier political days and then look at Harper`s. The lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, underhanded politics, underhanded low life tactics and cheating to win.

For some reason. The first time I laid eyes on Harper, he instantly repulsed me and raised my hackles. It was a, I do not like thee Dr Fell.

Owen Gray said...

If only more Canadians had a similar first impression of Harper, Anon, he wouldn't be prime minister today.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

I to was instantly repulsed when I first saw and listened to him. I studied and researched him though to find out the kind of man he was, particularly when he got his majority in 2011. I find that many people who do not follow politics closely say they do not trust him. There not sure why. One of the very few benefits that have come out of him having a majority is that Canadians have had more opportunity to see him as the authoritarian that he is. Even though he is always in hiding and does his megaphone campaigning from afar, this time from the Canadian Arctic, I'm hoping that more Canadians see this type of governing as offensive to all Canadians.

the salamander said...

.. those Lee Enfield rifles represent the only successful military procurement by the Government named after the reknowned economist Stephen Harper. The arctic Rangers are asking for equipment and clothing however.. suitable for an environment impacted by global warming while they watch out for Putin's hordes

'Friend, our Conservative Government submitted the wrong Crime Bill to The Senate.. however the benefits of those accomplishments that have not quite happened yet, will in the fulsomeness of some distant time be very clear to victims of future crimes and the perpetrators grasping for parole, or environmental radicals or First Nations that are against farmed salmon, pipelines or the great ships of our Chinese Pacific neighbors

Canadians should be gagging, agog at any suggestion that Stephen Harper is some sort of genius. He's certainly the greasiest, most mealy political gasbag I can recall ....

Anonymous said...

so true, so depressing

Owen Gray said...

Orwell wrote that the way to reclaim our politics, Anon, was to reclaim our language.

If we want to get rid of these guys, we can't let them get away with this linguistic balderdash.

Owen Gray said...

He's no genius, salmander. But hot air has fueled his rise.

Owen Gray said...

After having let Harper drive the bus for a decade, Pam, Canadians should know that he is dangerous to the public's welfare.

Will they clue in? I don't know. I understand that Rob Ford's numbers are improving.

Anonymous said...

Mound of Sound wrote: "Those submarines would make Canada the laughingstock of any credible navy. Even the city state of Singapore has more subs and they're state of the art, not 60's vintage technology."

I believe you are talking about the Oberon class submarines. (Are you?). My understanding is that the last of them were decommissioned in 2000* and replaced with British Upholder class submarines (diesel electric, like the Oberon class, but with similar technology to the nuclear Trafalgar class). I know that the Upholder class (now called the "Victoria Class") submarines have had some problems. I guess used submarines are a bit like used cars. And, personally, I would like to see a Canada with modern nuclear powered subs. But the 60s subs have been replaced.**

None of this is to say that I think our naval defences are adequate. We have a lot of work to do.



Owen Gray said...

I'll let Mound speak for himself, Anon. I do know that our subs are diesel powered, not nuclear -- and that several of our surface ships are very old.

The navy has been neglected while the government dreams of F-35's.