Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Princes Of Hot Air


The Harper government has been slashing government spending. But, if you take Deep Throat's advice, and follow the money -- to where it's spent and not spent --  Gregory Thomas writes that you get a real portrait of who these people are:

Despite the Harper government’s avowed objective to reduce the federal public service by 19,000 positions, the ranks of communications staff have grown by 163 since the Conservatives took office, while costs have risen by $48 million.

The combined payroll of federal spin doctors rivals the $329-million payroll of the House of Commons, the beating heart of our democracy, the institution we rely upon to keep hundreds of thousands of federal officials accountable.

But the avowed objective of the communications staff is to make sure that the government is not held accountable:

Now, $263 million might be a reasonable price to pay — it might even be a bargain — if the federal government actually provided Canadians with public information in a timely manner.

But anybody who has actually tried to phone or email someone in the federal government in order to get an answer to a question knows that this is not the case.

The days when federal government officials would return the telephone calls of Canadians, or even better, answer their phones, are rapidly fading memories.
Canadians are seeing a quarter-billion dollars of their money used against them: not to provide them with information, but rather to delay, conceal and spin the information to enhance the image of the party in power.

We can't afford to keep Veterans Affairs offices open. But we can afford propaganda from the Ministry of Truth. The title of this show is The Princes (and Princesses) of Hot Air.


Anonymous said...

I have heard this from several Canadians. Herr Harper and his henchmen, do not answer their e-mails. But actually, how can they? They support a dictator, with a very, very shady political past.

Herr Harper and his henchmen are liars, deceivers, corrupt, thieves, use underhanded tactics and they cheat to win. And all of them, are good to go. Hitler is the old face of evil. Harper is the new face of evil.

Owen Gray said...

And rest assured, Anon, that Mr. Harper will use every communication device at his disposal to stay where he is.

Bill said...

Great post Owen.

Mr Thomas hits a bulls eye with this one observation and analysis of our governments failure to serve for common good. Great energy has been applied to protect and promote their own self interests, all at our cost. Harper and company have done this since day one. In BC Clark continues the same as Campbell - same as Harper.

Our Governments actions and scripts are getting more obvious and desperate. Thankfully more of the mainstream national media are finally reporting closer to reality (not yet in BC - stll mostly just "wacko" bloggers) but the dams are starting to fail and maybe/hopefully Christy and company are now not too far down the road from Alberta's fallen Radford.

The corruption must be swept out. The sooner the better to start healing our diseased and dying democracy. It is almost too late but the tide is turning.

Owen Gray said...

I read this morning, Bill, that -- according to the latest EKOS poll -- the Harperites are trailing in 8 of 10 provinces.

Perhaps the tide is turning.

Scotian said...

This government has on more than a few occasions left me feeling like I'm living under the Clark government during early to mid season three of Babylon 5.

For those unaware of the series and do not get the reference, a increasingly totalitarian government is taking over the Earth Alliance which had been an open government society for many decades, creating things like the Ministries of Peace and Truth, and a watchgroup called the Nightwatch to watch out for subversives and those that might question the new policies of the EA. I cite the first half of season three because as bad as Harper is he hasn't gone full blown military takeover (yet), but for me the last eight years have had a lot of bad flashbacks to this series from the start of season 2 onwards into mid three when I watch what the Harper government has put in place.

When life imitates art to that extent in such negative ways it sends really nasty chills down my spine.

Rural said...

It would seem that disseminating bullshit is a lot more expensive than simply releasing the truth Owen. If you think its a lot to spend on misinformation wait till you see next years figures for the period before the election!

Owen Gray said...

And someone is making lots of money generating all that manure, Rural.

High -tech agriculture!

Owen Gray said...

Franz Kafka knew, Scotian, that -- when fiction morphed into truth -- we were all in trouble.

Morlock said...

He needs to be arrested for inciting genocide.

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Morlock. A good example of Harperian hot air.

mogs moglio said...

Harper thinks he is sharper than you or I Owen. I feel sorry for him playing that clowns role for the elites (1%) oh well some has to get paid to do it and it may as well be a fool!

Owen Gray said...

As recent numbers suggest, Mogs, Canadians are no longer buying his sales pitch.