Friday, September 05, 2014

Et Tu, Brian?


When Brian Mulroney appeared before a parliamentary committee to explain his connections to Karl Heinz Schreiber, Stephen Harper let it be known that Mulroney was persona non grata. Yesterday, Mulroney got his revenge. Interviewed for CTV's Power Play, he took Harper apart.

On the prime minister's public spat with Beverley McLachlin, he said:

You don't get into a slagging contest with the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, even if you thought that he or she was wrong. You don't do that.

On  Harper's attitude toward the United Nations:

When Canada, for the first time in our history, loses a vote at the United Nations to become a member of the Security Council ... to Portugal, which was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time, you should look in the mirror and say: 'Houston, I think we have a problem.

On Harper's foreign policy:

[It]  has to be enveloped in a broader and more generous sweep that takes in Canadian traditions and Canadian history in a much more viable way. We're in the big leagues ... so we have to conduct ourselves in that way. We can't be out-riders.

On Harper's relationship with he United States:

He also chastised Harper for his relationship with U.S. President Barack Obama, suggesting the prime minister doesn't have the kind of close ties that allow him to call the Oval Office and ask for bilateral backup on a number of issues.

"If you can't do that, you don't have much clout internationally. The relationship with the United States is something the prime minister alone has to nurture the same way he would tend to the most delicate flowers in a garden. It's that important."

The interview appeared on the same day that Paul Martin and Joe Clark signed onto an initiative to improve the relationship between First Nations and the federal government.

With three former prime ministers -- two of them Conservatives -- standing in public opposition to him, Mr. Harper must be experiencing the same sinking feeling Caesar felt when he discovered all those senators gathering around him and Brutus wielding that dagger.


The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for posting this, Owen. Mulroney did everything short of carving Harper's tombstone. You have to wonder. Kiss and Tell books from Tom Flanagan and Bruce Carson, a stampede out of the PMO leaving Harper with no top class operators just when he needs that most, Charest actively fundraising to contest the leadership, the Duffy scandal about to hit court this month, the overall Senate audit that's apparently going to be a blockbuster, and young Trudeau biting Harper's ankles.

Now tell me that Beelzebub is going to lead the Tories into the 2015 election. Mind you I hope he does.

Owen Gray said...

I hope he does, too, Mound. But he's not the kind of guy to enter a fight when he knows he's going to lose.

Edstock said...

Maybe Stevie can find a washroom to hide in like he did a few years back visiting Brazil . . .

Owen Gray said...

The problem is that the janitorial staff come in regularly to clean the place, Ed.

He might start looking for a hole.

the salamander said...

.. Rob Anders, his Parliamentary 'Aide' & the Conservative Party sure screwed the Harper pooch.. while Harper was feebly fending off Mulroney's blast

'Canadians need to know what Justin Trudeau and his associates really feel about Israel' .. so scheming, furtive recording, transcript and distribution are now public service.. as provided by elected MP public servants? On whose orders, on whose dime ? ? Government? Party?

Right.. Canadians must have missed that Economic Action Alert ..

Owen Gray said...

They are trying every trick in the book, salamander, because they are desperate.

It's all staring to come apart.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Owen, it's getting to be open season on criticizing Harper and he's brought it totally on himself. He's not a man with courage, so he may leave before the 2015 election. As we all know he can't take criticism and his continued hiding has not served him well. He'd have to come out from his hideaway into the light of day to answer his critics.

Owen Gray said...

In the past, Pam, when Harper has faced imminent defeat, he prorogued Parliament. This time, he may prorogue himself.