Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mistaking Malevolence For Moral Clarity


Stephen Harper is a nasty piece of work. Just how nasty was made clear recently when he refused to allow wounded Palestinian children into Canada for medical treatment. Andrew Mitrovici writes:

What plausible excuse could Harper have for standing on the sidelines when so many of Canada’s allies — including Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Turkey and Egypt — already have provided safe havens or medical aid to scores of wounded children?

Harper’s PR flacks have claimed that it would be too risky to move those kids from whatever is left of their shattered homes in Gaza for treatment in Canada. That’s crap. We know it — everybody knows it, including the geniuses in the PMO who came up with that line of spin.

So much of what Harper says is crap. But this kind of crap reveals the man at his most craven. And it stands in stark contrast to his pledge to offer medical assistance to Ukrainians who need it. In a recent speech to the Canada-Ukraine Federation, Harper said:

 “Let me say at this point just how pleased I am to be able to support the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and the worthy cause that’s brought us all here together tonight and to salute the medical personnel who will be going to the aid of Ukrainians bloodied in the Euromaidan protest and affected by the ongoing conflict. Congratulations to everyone supporting this great cause,” Harper said. “It is, my friends, sadly too late to help the heavenly hundred who were slain simply for the crime of seeking a better country … We can help those who survived and lived to continue the struggle.”

This is the man who some insist is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize? Obviously, they have mistaken malevolence for "moral clarity."


Anonymous said...

Harper is not a real man. He is a corporate poodle diva yapping and dancing for his corporate evangelical gun nut lobby.

He has to sew on a face of humanity in an attempt to be perceived as human, He has no real face.

Owen Gray said...

I agree that there is little to recommend the man, Anon. But, remember, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a movie -- and it was made to shock.

Anonymous said...

I hope, Owen, that the 'Harper Chainsaw Massacre' makes Canadians re-embrace the Canadian values of compassion and understanding that we fought hard for to nurture and protect.

Owen Gray said...

I understand what you're getting at, Anon. He's taken a chainsaw to the country.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

I think Owen that Harper is actually proud of his malevolence. He displays it, through his speeches, for all to see.He doesn't hide it. He doesn't think this will harm him in the 2015 election, but Canadians are fairly decent intelligent lot and they know a sociopath when they see one.

Owen Gray said...

What is so disturbing about Harper, Pam, is that he either does not know -- or he does not care -- when he is being genuinely offensive.

He does what he believes is in his own self interest. And he equates his self interest with Canada's welfare.

Anonymous said...

Do people not see what I see? Harper jumps right down Russia's neck, for annexing the Crimea and Ukraine blah,blah

Harper says absolutely nothing of, Communist China menacing and provoking other countries around the globe. Sinking other countries votes and using water cannon on them. Menacing Vietnam, Philippines, Japan and there is: Mugabe, the Red China Army and China's blood diamonds. Communist China even mowed their students down, with machine gun fire.

Harper has handed Canada over to Communist China as of Oct 1st. The most hated country on the globe.The minute China knew they owned Canada? There are thousands upon thousands of Chinese coming over to take all the resource jobs, along with Canada's resources that is. China will also own all the mines in Northern BC. Not forgetting either. China is a cesspool of pollution. China will also take our food crops because, they can't feed themselves.

There is no way China will permit Harper to lose the next election. That is, if there is another next election. We no longer own this country, Communist China does. However, there will enough Chinese, to swing the vote for Harper

Owen Gray said...

We have an opportunity to send Harper back to Calgary in the next election, Anon -- if we are smart enough to recognize it.

Anonymous said...

"I understand what you're getting at, Anon."

You understand what I'm getting at? That's it? We must place ourselves between the violence of the state and the peaceful protesters.

That would be something to be 'getting at'.

And what kind of new CAPTCHA hell will be imposed on us next? I am ready to leave this electronic inferno for the heaven of face to face human communication.

Owen Gray said...

I hope it doesn't come to that, Anon. But there are those -- like Kirby Evans, who comments here -- who believe it will come to that.

John B. said...

When I hear that sociopath uttering the “Friends” salutation as he plays and pleads to his followers, I experience a sensation that I can best describe as a type of nausea of the mind. I still find it hard to accept that a person so shallow, childish and obviously insincere has ascended to a position where his personal opinions, attitudes and decisions are now unreservedly and arrogantly presented as those of “Canada’”.

I remain convinced that it won’t be sufficient simply to be rid of Harper. His entire succession list, including and especially the notably absent Mr. TFWP, and the rest of his caucus must be consigned to the trash bin so that honest people can get on with the task of attempting to address the damage they have done. For the sake of whatever their personal reasons, as none of them have had the courage to stand up to Harper, they are all goods damaged beyond repair. We must remember this.

Owen Gray said...

For all their bluster, John, they really are a cowardly bunch. And for that reason, too, Harper still may not make it to the next election.