Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wearing It Proudly


This week Stephen Harper heads to the United Nations, an organization which he has consistently snubbed. The goal is to present himself as a world statesman -- not to the UN, but to the folks back home.

The problem, however, is what the problem always is for Harper. He's never willing to put his money where his mouth is. In fact, his singular talent lies in taking money away, even as her praises his own achievements.

If you really want some insight into Harper's expertise in international affairs, Carol Goar suggested last week, look at the number of Canadian international organizations he has shut down by simply cutting off their funding:

Last week, the North-South Institute, one of the country’s oldest foreign policy think-tanks folded. Its board of directors thanked the founders, donors and staff members for their contribution to 38 years of non-partisan research to strengthen Canada’s role in to the world. Then they quietly turned out the lights.

The year before that Rights and Democracy died. It was an arm’s-length federal agency set up by former prime minister Brian Mulroney in 1988 to encourage democracy and monitor human rights around the world.

In 2010, the government cut off funding to Match International, an organization that supported women’s rights in the developing world. With a blitz of fundraising and partners in 71 countries, it survived.
Canadian Council on International Co-operation (CCIC), a coalition of 100 foreign aid groups striving to end global poverty, did not fare as well. When its grant was slashed, it had to lay off most of its staff. The organization still exists, but it has lost its voice.
Ottawa also defunded a couple of church-based development groups — Kairos, which represents 11 denominations, and the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace— but their members kept them afloat.

It's been clear for some time now that -- not withstanding his claims to the contrary -- Stephen Harper is no economic genius. And, when it comes to foreign affairs, Harper is an innocent abroad. The UN knows that. Still, Harper wears his ignorance proudly.



the salamander said...

.. it won't require a lot of money to be very clear, and create a blistering & accurate portrait of Stephen Harper's malfeasance, treachery and malignant legacy.

Volunteers will surge from all directions.. and will reflect all ages, denominations, backgrounds, occupations, heritage and beliefs.

The debris, jackals and robowanks Harper leaves behind as he ascends to sublime Directorships, and supposed statesmanship along with his residual stench? Well now.. they will be unable to actually explain or defend what he, or they thought they were doing.. what with Failure & Fallacy on all Files.. Incompetance, Ignorance and Arrogance, Obstruction & Litigation.. their Hallmark

Inevitably, the toxic truth will leak and leach into the public awareness.. and tho the scathing and verified illumination of exactly what Harper 'accomplished' may come with no funding.. the cost of what he has ruined is likely unmeasurable..

What price tag is suitable or even imaginable ?

A pristine boreal forest ?
Belief in an election free of fraud?
Trust that your old age pension will be honored
Survival of keychain species like wild salmon
Respect for military service and disabilities
Honor of ancient Treaties
Employment safe from secret foreign trade deals
Defence & Rescue along our unbelievable coasts
Freedom from being spied upon by your government
Glowing Heart pride & belief in being a Canadian

? ? ? The list is endless, obvious...

Owen Gray said...

The list is staggering, salamander. If Harper will be remembered for anything, it will be for the depth and breadth of the damage he did.

Rural said...

The key to Mr Harpers statements Owen, seems to be to listen carefully to what he says he is going to do with the firm belief that the exact opposite well come to pass.

Owen Gray said...

He is a poster child for Orwell's argument that the English Language has been debased by those who seek power, Rural. "Ignorance is Strength."

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Owen, my guess is that the international community sees him for the hick he is. He is a statesman, like Goerge W Bush is a scholar.

Anonymous said...

I see Harper, ripping into Russia for the annexing of the Crimea and the Ukraine issue. Harper says absolutely nothing of, Communist China doing the exact same thing. China is menacing and provoking other countries, around the globe.

As of Oct 1st, Harper has sold Canada to Communist China. China's destruction of BC has already begun. BC will become a wasteland of pollution, just as China is.

Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell and Harper worked very hard, to dismantle BC. That is when Harper's sell-out of Canada to China first started, during Campbell's reign of terror in BC.

China mowed their students down, with machine gun fire. That is the country, Harper sold Canada to. The most disliked, corrupt country on the globe. Every country China gets their talons into, the country and the people are cheated.

I do not know one person that wants Communist China, on our Canadian soil what-so-ever.

Owen Gray said...

International peace is not a priority for Harper, Anon. But wealth accumulation -- that's another story.

Owen Gray said...

I suspect that's precisely the case, Pam. They know he talks loud. But empty barrels make the most noise.

mogs moglio said...

Owen Gray.
the salamander,
Pamela Mac Neil,

Listen the Bush family had a saying and it was acroynoumed to OPM [Other Peoples Money]Harper is learening that fast and furiously at our expense.


Owen Gray said...

You can go a long way on other people's money, Mogs. Harper learned that lesson long ago.