Monday, December 08, 2014

Firing Up The Base


It's interesting to consider the titles of bills that the Harper government steamrolls through parliament. Consider a few: The "Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act.” Or the "“Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act.” That's the new prostitution law. Or "The Black April Day Act." If you missed that one, Michael Harris reminds you that it:

created April 30 as the day to commemorate the diaspora of Vietnamese citizens after Saigon fell to the Viet Cong in 1975. Thousands of those refugees from South Vietnam came to Canada.

There is only one problem with dissing Vietnam with the Black April Day Act. That country is now an important trading partner and a key ally in the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations. Vietnam’s ambassador didn’t care much for the name of the private member’s bill or its intent. So he decided to act. He asked to appear before the Senate committee to air his concerns.

As reported by CP, he was turned down. The ambassador was then invited to make a written submission. He complied. But while it was being translated into French, the committee completed its “study” of the bill and his objections were never formally considered. Nor were the objections of any other witness who opposed the legislation.

Obviously, the act had nothing to do with the Vietnamese. It was all about firing up Harper's base:

Harper is merely driving in the wedges. He knows that the base doesn’t like the idea of prostitution, so they will approve of the moralistic bent of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act – and send in $5. He knows that his Christian base also abhors polygamy, so they will also send in $5 to support the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act. And they will also send in $5 to support the Black April Day Act because it is a reminder of the horrors of godless Communism.

And, as long as he can fire up his base -- and keep the opposition fighting about sexual harassment -- he'll continue to be prime minister.


Toby said...

Owen said, "And, as long as he can fire up his base -- and keep the opposition fighting about sexual harassment -- he'll continue to be prime minister."

Exactly. For some reason, neither Mulcair nor Trudeau nor their supporters can figure this out.

Owen Gray said...

It's to their -- and the country's advantage -- for them to cooperate, Toby. So far, they haven't figured that out.

Anonymous said...

I think we should think up our own names for bills like for instance: 'Zero Tolerance for Election Fraud by Robocall and Other Nefarious Means.'

Owen Gray said...

An excellent suggestion, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Harper is the worst entity for Canadians, since Hitler and WW2. Canadians went to war so we wouldn't have such as Harper, running this country.

Harper has sold Canada to Communist China, with his asinine FIPPA. Harper's sneaky Omnibus Bill goes along with Harper's sale, of Canada to China.

I would like to know why Harper isn't in prison as a traitor, doing acts of treason?

Owen Gray said...

So far, Anon, Harper has convinced a significant number of Canadians that he knows what he's doing.

It's sad that they still believe him.

mogs moglio said...

The boy/man Harper has gone off his rails mentally and seems to be quite incompetent. Too bad his base is blind to that fact.

It happened to Hitler Stalin Idi Amin Pol Pot of Khmer Rouge fame and many other despots. What is the common trait amongst this rabid crowd Harper is now officially part of? An unbridled thirst for power that cannot be quenched and crushing ruthlessly the rights of humans to chase that power.

Owen Gray said...

It's always been about power, Mogs. Policy has always been a means to get there.