Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tearing Away At The Nation's Core


The Harper government is busy preparing new anti-terror legislation. But, Colin Kenny writes in today's Toronto Star, we don't need new legislation. We need adequate funding of the institutions which apply the laws we already have:

No less than eight pieces of anti-terrorism legislation have successfully passed through Parliament since the Twin Towers fell. These laws made comprehensive changes to Canada’s legal landscape to ensure the country has the powers it needs to prevent terrorism.
Harper himself has acknowledged this, stating just recently to the press that, “the reality is that our security agencies are able, in the vast majority of cases, to identify threats that are out there and to prevent them from coming to fruition.”

So why the new legislation? The prime minister believes it is an all important a wedge issue:

Harper sees the passage of further counterterrorism legislation in Parliament, no matter how unnecessary, as a valuable wedge issue that will help with his re-election.
Last year, the prime minister’s handlers went to great lengths casting him as a reincarnated Ronald Reagan on the world stage, unafraid in staring down the Russian bear.

Now, they’re trying to burnish this tough guy image by having Harper pretend he’s making big strides in combating terrorists by passing superfluous laws.

It's all about votes at home. It's always been about votes at home.

Mr. Harper's economic strategy has also always been about votes at home. Yesterday, the Bank of Canada drove another nail into his economic strategy. While he has been buying votes, he has also been shredding the nation's core principles -- something he will continue to do with his new anti-terror legislation.


mogs moglio said...

I believe Owen that it simply is a vote grab garbage for his so-called "base" that would hide in the closet with Harper at the sound of a threat. So let's make an imaginary threat into a deceitful web of laws to protect illusionary wanks from illusionary foes skulking around every corner. Not the Canada I grew up in we were not afraid. Now under Harper's reign there are terrorists hiding in our bathrooms and broom closets eh?

Owen Gray said...

It serves his purposes to make us believe that they're everywhere, Mogs.

mogs moglio said...

Yes sir...

I hate to be to formal but it fits eh?

Owen Gray said...

Indeed, Mogs.