Friday, February 27, 2015

An Early Election?


Two days ago, rumours were circulating that we were in for an early election. So far, nothing has materialized. But, having mastered the art of fear and smear politics -- and having passed Bill C-51 -- Michael Harris writes that there are lots of reasons for Stephen Harper to call an early election:

It would let Harper campaign on terrorism, not his record. He has his emotional issue: “I am the strong man who will protect you from the beheaders.”

A defence brief recently obtained by the CBC under Access to Information implies Canada’s failure to procure the F-35s may be damaging our relationship with our international allies: “Canada often struggles to meet timelines to participate in international co-operative activities.” Read: Canada needs those F-35s so we can protect everyone by bombing the Middle East.

If Harper wins the election, Canada will get those planes, no matter what they cost, even though they may not be fully operational until 2019 due to a newly-discovered computer glitch with the plane’s main gun. Not a small problem, by the way — it could prevent the F-35 from firing during close air support operations. The Pentagon, which milks the American taxpayer like a prize cow, has denied there will be a delay.

Harper wouldn’t have to present a budget that he can’t balance.

He’d escape blowback from the Mike Duffy trial, where Nigel Wright might have to tell the truth under oath, instead of a carefully constructed version of the truth designed to protect the prime minister. Meanwhile, Patrick Brazeau’s preliminary inquiry is set to begin June 1. Mike Duffy’s trial will still be on at that point — bad timing for the PM.

The trial of Bruce Carson, a former senior aide to Harper, on charges related to a water purification company for First Nations starts September 8.

If Harper calls an early election, there will be confusion at the polls because of changes under the new Elections Act. Many voters will turn up without the proper ID — although you can bet Conservative voters will be well prepared. You now need two pieces of official ID, at least one with your street address. Yes, due to a hard-fought amendment, someone can vouch for your address if they know you — but you both have to swear an oath and that takes time, meaning long line-ups at the polls. Just what you need when you have to pick up the kids at daycare.

Harper has never been a man of principle. But he has always been a desperate opportunist. Is anyone taking bets?


Anonymous said...

Sure Owen I'll take bets 10 to 1 Steve Joe Harper does a foolish thing. No make that 100 to 1. Either way he is hooped the polls have the Trudeau Liberals in a tie with the Harper-con clown crooked tribe. Harper will be lucky which he is not if he can form another majority government. Let the race begin. I've got the starting flag. Ready set go...

Owen Gray said...

Keep in mind, Mogs, that Harper has a reputation for breaking the rules -- starting with his law which set fixed election dates.

Anonymous said...

Yo Bro I'm giggling all the way to the bank. I do not believe Harper can con his way out of this one. How about 1000 to 1? Eh?


Dana said...

Harper majority number 2.

End of Canada.

Mission accomplished.

Praise the damned lord.

Owen Gray said...

As I've said before, Dana, you may be right. But I hope you're wrong.

Owen Gray said...

You may be right, Mogs. And I hope you're not wrong.

Hugh said...

Deja vu all over again:

The Mound of Sound said...

From what I've been reading of the latest Russian, multi-sensor, shoulder fired missiles, there is absolutely no way the F-35 will ever be hazarded to ground support missions.

Owen Gray said...

I see the same kind of stuff, Mound. The F-35 is all about fighting the last war.

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Hugh. The list of people who have signed the letter is impressive.

It appears, however, that the Harperites are in no mood to listen to anyone.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced Harper will cheat to win this election, as he cheated to win the last election with his robo-call fraud. Harper has bought-up literally thousands and thousands of ethnic votes, at our expense. We all know it is not beneath Harper's dignity, to cheat to win.

Harper lied about being requested for military support. The US said, they did no such thing. Harper was an abysmal failure in Wales and pushed his way into this war with ISIS, for his own political benefit.

Harper is trying to do the same with, the Ukraine and Russia fiasco. Perhaps the US should turn this operation over to Harper?

This time, Harper called Obama a foul name and hung up on him.

Owen Gray said...

I did not hear about the name calling, Anon. It's not exactly the way to conduct international diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

Got any proof of that Anon 3:10 PM?

I do have a link though where Obama calls Harper "a large lump" and other things read and laugh Harper is not well liked in the world.

I'd like to see your link.