Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Ascension Of Pierre Poilievre


Among all the sound and fury over Eve Adams this week, many Canadians probably missed the fact that Pierre Poilivere was promoted to Minister of Labour. Tim Harper writes that Poilievre bears watching:

Poilievre, 35, believes if you keep repeating the same, pithy, bumper sticker message, it will eventually come true. He will beat us into submission with repetition.
He tried that in his first big test as a minister with his Fair Elections Act and finally backed down, accepting amendments he tried to spin as something akin to a little scrubbing.
A Calgary-born former hockey player and a one time Reform Party worker elected at 25, Poilievre is the political equivalent of the hockey pest, the guy who yaps at you in the faceoff circle and gives you a glove in the face in the corner.

For those who hoped that the prime minister might re-evaluate his policy on the working man, Poilievre's ascension provides the definitive answer. Despite his rhetoric, Stephen Harper has never been the little man's champion. But he chooses little men to do his bidding.

On a personal note, we received word last night from Vancouver that my brother-in-law -- who I've known since high school -- has died. Like me, he was a retired teacher. He could teach any kid in the school. May he rest in peace.


Lorne said...

Condolences to you and your family, Owen, on your loss.

the salamander said...

.. Sorry to hear that, Owen..
I hope his was a life well lived..
If he was a teacher, he lives on
in subtle inspiring ways that might amaze

Owen Gray said...

Just a small anecdote, salamander. My brother-in-law was a Montrealer. After he retired, he and my sister-in-law were driving home, listening to the radio.

One of his former students was a DJ at the station on the dial. She dedicated the next song to "one of the best teachers I ever had," and she mentioned him by name.

He lives on.

Owen Gray said...

As you know, Lorne, good teachers are sorely missed.

Dana said...

My condolences, Owen.

One can only assume the people of Nepean-Carleton were raised by wolves.

Owen Gray said...

Thanks, Dana. Good judgement appears to be in short supply in Nepean-Carleton.

mogs moglio said...

Aw Owen I share your pain my mother died in a head on car crash when I was 19 years old. She was the passenger and died on the scene.

It hurts when you lose a loved one at least your brother had a long and decent life.


Owen Gray said...

He was my wife's brother, Mogs. But I've known him since high school -- grade 8 back in Quebec.

The whole extended family will miss him.

CK said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Owen

Owen Gray said...

Thanks, CK. He died in Vancouver while visiting his grandchildren. But, like you, he was a Montrealer, born and bred.