Friday, February 20, 2015

The Supreme Narcissist


Stephen Harper hates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He says that Bill C-51 is all about fighting terrorism. But Michael Harris writes:

Here we have a piece of legislation that advances the prime minister’s favourite project: undermining the hated Charter of Rights that circumscribes his power and remains a monument to his most hated rival — Pierre Trudeau.

Which is why this PM despises the Supreme Court of Canada, why he continues to bombard it with unconstitutional legislation and provokes personal confrontation with judges. It’s the SCC and not the PM that’s charged with the momentous task of interpreting the Charter — and that’s what frosts his socks. If Harper can’t go through the Charter, he’ll tunnel under it until the underpinnings give way.

After this latest piece of “anti-terror” legislation passes, CSIS will join the Canada Revenue Agency as an organization not bound by the Charter. It will be restricted only by the vague words in the legislation that give the hush-hush boys extraordinary powers whenever the economic, social or political security of Canada is at stake.

Harper's objective is to make what he calls "Conservative values" unassailable. And institutions like the CBC -- or, at least, its French language service -- are obstructing that objective:

Perhaps that’s why he slandered CBC employees at Radio-Canada in the way he did. While campaigning in Quebec, he told a private radio station host that many people at Radio-Canada “hated” Conservative values. To what Conservative values was he referring? The ones held by Dean Del Mastro, Bruce Carson, Peter Penashue or Dimitri Soudas? The ones that gave us robocalls or the Senate expenses scandal? The ones that serve up omnibus bills and muzzle freedom of speech? Which ones?

The prime minister is the supreme narcissist:

Most people have forgotten how Harper took down all the portraits of previous prime ministers from his party’s lobby room — including paintings of Sir John A. MacDonald and John Diefenbaker. What did he replace them with? Green Party leader Elizabeth May gives us the answer:

“Photos of Stephen Harper in different costumes, in different settings, dressed as a fireman, in Hudson Bay looking for polar bears, meeting the Dalai Lama … even the portrait of the Queen had to have Stephen Harper behind her.”

Bill C- 51 is the legislative expression of that narcissism, writes Harris. It's now all Steve, all the time.


Lorne said...

Michael Harris certainly has Harper's number, Owen. Lets hope that increasing numbers of Canadians do as well.

Owen Gray said...

Harper makes an unassailable case against Harper, Lorne.

Let's hope enough Canadians are paying attention to what he writes.

Marie Snyder said...
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Marie Snyder said...

Excellent article by Harris. Have you seen Ralph Nader's open letter? I fear there are still too many Harper supporters who would rather do what they did last time than have to read and learn and be afraid.

Scotian said...

Between his columns and his latest book Harris has clearly been THE journalist to follow to see what Harper is truly up to. He certainly sees Harper the same as I have for many years, and he is doing a sterling job of showing it to others, pity so many of his brethren are falling down on that job.

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for your comments, Marie. Nadar's references to Bush and Cheney are telling.

They both knew how to lie themselves into a war.

Owen Gray said...

Unquestionably, Harris puts many of his brethren to shame, Scotian -- because he insists on examining the facts.

the salamander said...

.. there have been several scathing articles lately.. one in particular reamed Joe Oliver for the prepared statement he read prior to departing for a Turkey finance gathering.

Gibberish summed it up wonderfully.. and one assumes numerous PMO idiots and Ray, Jenni et al drafted it up for Doddering millionaire Joe

And there are others, aside from the many indy blogger articles & Twitter that lay waste to the pomp n ceremony bull of Harper

Owen Gray said...

Certainly in the blogosphere, salamander, the Harper spin meets with scorn.

The election will tell us how many Canadians have been paying attention.

Steve said...

C51 makes it a crime to undermine diplomatic relations. Would this include telling the truth about ISIS and Ukraine?

Owen Gray said...

Seems to me, Steve, that this government has done a great deal to undermine diplomatic relations.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Harper has his plans in order to win the election. We all know, it isn't beneath Harper's dignity to cheat to win.

Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. All dictators have very similar characteristics. They all cared about themselves, far more than they could care about others. Harper is no different and Harper comes first with Harper.

What I don't get is, how anyone with self respect, honor and decency, could ever support such as Harper.

Owen Gray said...

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to think critically, Anon.

mogs moglio said...

Owen and Ladies and Gentlemen commenters when this bill C-51 passes if you have talked out against the self named "Harper Government" you could well be held in jail grilled as a "terrorist" and not let out until after the Harper Government's election. So no vote for you. Example Toronto G-20.

Welcome to the new Medieval Dark Ages called menacingly enough "The New World Order" the new dark age. It is run by the 1% for the 1% just as in the Medieval times. You are now "useless eaters" as Henry Kissinger bragged about. You are also "cannon fodder" "expendable" "Slaves to the 1%" and targeted for a mass round-up and execution. Harper is the 1%ers Mail Room Boy and does their bidding.

Sad that since "The Magna Carta" and until Trudeau Sr. we were doing fine in Canada after that we were on a slippery slope and have gone down hill ever since. This is not the Canada I grew up in nor the world. I don't trust Trudeau Jr. Mulcair?

Anyone who has grandchildren they will never know the freedom we once had because they will grow up in a military/police surveillance state. I beg you all let's get the alienated and the couch potatoes 40% that won't vote to do so.

Do not attend protests as you will be 'labeled' a terrorist with Steve's new law. Grass roots information is needed to lobby the 40% to get out and vote. United we can unseat the Harper-cons do it for your grand children and their children and their grand children...

Owen Gray said...

That's exactly what the next election will be all about, Mogs -- getting the 40% who didn't vote the last time out to the polls this time.

lungta said...

YES! i am so looking forward to getting out to mark a ballot
so i can drop it into a box
to be whisked away by counters and validators again arranged and vetted by our conservative government
i think we are passed the tipping point of “fair voting”
and will be "surprised" by the overwhelming support for the new dark ages
even in the face of public opinion and exit polls indicating no support for them
harper once stated he will not tolerate government policy to be dictated by public opinion polls
which is basically the definition of democracy isn't it?
one last point
it is about that nonvoting 40%
i really do not see how they can make any difference
given that they are canadian the voting results they would come up with at anybodies best guess
would be in the exact same proportions as canadians are voting now.
i can think of no argument that would suggest it is a block of support for any particular party
more voters could actually bring more conservatives considering the massive effort by them to target and inspire their voters

harper is often accused of being divisive
in reality the defeating division is created by red vrs orange

to the majority of canadian voters they are virtually identical
especially compared to harper
and with a shrug of their shoulders they vote for one or the other allowing the blue to skate by again
the blogs will blame the voters
but the true fault will be with thom and justine as they make mountains out of their molehills of idealogical differences

Owen Gray said...

Good point, Lungta. If Mulcair and Trudeau focus on each other, rather than Harper, we'll get exactly what we have now.

lungta said...

thanks owen
thom and justin remind me of the twix ads
same bisquit
one covered in chocolate
the other cloaked in chocolate
but vote
and choose between them

Owen Gray said...

They may be two a a kind, lungta. But, if they choose to emphasize their differences, they'll play into Harper's hands.