Monday, April 27, 2015

He Needs Another Closet


When it comes to shifting blame, Stephen Harper is a past master. Last week, in the House of Commons, he suggested that Mike Duffy made an inaccurate claim about his residency. Harper implied that the whole mess currently in front of the court was Duffy's own doing. Michael Harris writes:

Here is the constitutional truth about Duffy and the Senate. Both the Prime Minister and the Governor General have the obligation to assure that an appointee is eligible for an appointment to the Senate before they are elevated. The GG accepts the appointment on the advice of the PM, not the nominee. They not only blew it, they knowingly blew it — unless the PM is going for the Hans Christian Anderson Award for fairly tales; that he was the only guy in Ottawa who didn’t know where Mike Duffy — or Pamela Wallin for that matter — really lived.

But, as has happened so often in the past, Harper claims his hands are clean. That's why Harper needs to be called as a witness:

Which is why the Great Marketer has to be put under oath at Duffy’s trial. The Crown has already gainsaid the PM on the issue of Duffy’s constitutional eligibility for the Senate. The Crown has said that he probably wasn’t eligible for the appointment. Unless the Privy Council and the GG’s office are full of sycophantic dolts, they would have told the PM the same thing. So why was the appointment made? We need Harper’s evidence under oath in court — the one place where political marketers don’t have the last word. Well placed sources tell me that the PM knew well about the hazards of appointing Duffy from PEI, but said the critics “would get over it.”

However, Harper will not come to court willingly. He'll try very hard to find a constitutional closet to hide in.


Rural said...

" Harper will not come to court willingly. He'll try very hard to find a constitutional closet to hide in." least until after the election, and it seems that it could easily drag out that long, Owen.
Or could it be that Duffys lawyer is timing that bit till just BEFORE the election?

Dana said...

"Unless the Privy Council and the GG’s office are full of sycophantic dolts, ..."

He forgot quivering cowards and careerist weasels.

Owen Gray said...

The judge seemed to indicate that the trial will be going on during the election campaign, Rural.

As much as Harper will try to make this go away, the fact is he's been caught in his own net.

Owen Gray said...

It appears that they are the only kinds of people on his payroll, Dana.

e.a.f. said...

If steve is called to testify you can expect to see a re-run of the B.C. Rail trial. they had no recollection, they didn't remember, etc. It was as if a bad case of dementia suddenly hit a lot of people.

The Crown has the responsibility to provide the proof. They don't have enough, so to bring Steve into court will not do Duffy's side much good. it might be fun to have Steve testify at an enquiry, but at this trial, not in Duffy's interest. Steve will give them his version of the truth and that won't do Duffy any good.

Remember Steve has difficulty with the truth. He is a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church. They believe the bible is "inerrant" and the second coming is "imminent". So do 60 of his caucus. When you have a bunch like that running the country, what do they know of truth, beyond their own version.

In my opinion, given Steve's opinions on things such as science, he just might figure telling his version of the truth would be 'gods work" or some such shit.

We've all seen Mulcair stand up in the House of Commons and get down to a yes or no answer from Harper and Steve still can't say yes or no. Do you think a court room with oath is going to make any difference?

This is a man who thinks its gods work to kill people in Iraq and Syria with $90K bombs. While in Canada, Veterans can't get adequate services, communities don't have adequate water and sewer facilities, and things the response to the oil spill in English Bay, Vancouver was a "first class job". See the man really could have problems figuring out what is right or wrong and truth or lies, so don't bring him into a court room. You never ask a question you don't know the answer to. With Steve, you might know the answer, but you don't know what he will say. A guy with that 'bad hair' and make up, who knows what lies underneath.

Anonymous said...

Harper has been 'hoist with his own petard'.

Owen Gray said...

If that happens, Anon, it will be a fitting way to go.

Owen Gray said...

Making Harper a witness might finally expose his foolishness, e.a.f. -- even to his base.

Dana said...

Harper will lose his base if he's caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. And even then there are some among that debased flock of deluded cretins who will claim that it was really Justin Trudeau in a Harper mask.

pace Edwin Edwards

Owen Gray said...

Human stupidity knows no limits, Dana. Did I understand the reference right? Louisiana's ex-governor?

Dana said...


Anonymous said...

Ya know that old saying? Give a calf enough rope and he will hang himself every time?

Well the Harper clown con has miles of rope tying him up. Maybe he will suffer from asphyxiation before the Duffy trial happens.

He did have a drunk teenage girl in his driveway passed out. Disgusting and he as usual refused to comment on that debacle. She was supposedly at Ben Harper's grad party maybe she was in Steve's tentacles and then thrown out in the driveway by Steve's RCMP body guard?

I wish we had an open transparent government as Steve promised. It is time to heave Steve.


Owen Gray said...

Let's hope that he's in his final days, Mogs.

Anonymous said...


What lies underneath bullshit that is what eh?