Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Living In An Alternate Universe


Yesterday, the provincial premiers met in Quebec City to map out a strategy to combat climate change. The federal government was invited to the conference but declined the invitation:

Tuesday's meeting ended with renewed calls for the federal government to show greater initiative in addressing the issue.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said the time for action is now, especially with an upcoming get-together of environment ministers leading up to an international conference on climate change in Paris in December.

"It has to be prepared, so we call upon the federal government right now to start working with us, first technically, then with the ministers, in order to work together in establishing our targets for Paris and the way we're going to present our situation, our plans in the future," Couillard told a closing news conference.
"There's no way it can be done in isolation. One order of government cannot ask the other to do the job. It has to be done together."

Yet, on that very same day, Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford claimed that his government had an "already exemplary record on environmental performance."

Tuesday was also the day that the Supreme Court found that Harperian legislation to impose mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes contravened the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Harperites continue to act as if the Charter didn't exist. In their anti terrorism legislation -- Bill  C-51 -- they specifically mandate courts to ignore the Charter. And, in another court, Senator Mike Duffy stands accused of 31 offences which the Harperites claim have no connection to them.

These folks live in an alternate universe. Asylums are full of such people. But, in Canada, we've given them to keys to the kingdom.


Lorne said...

You've probably also seen Martin Regg Cohn's article on the issues, Owen:

Both reports really highlight the total inaction of the feds when it comes to taking climate change seriously. That is something that should outrage everyone other than the most ardent ideologue.

Owen Gray said...

What's really remarkable, Lorne, is that they read their talking points without blushing.

Hugh said...

Canada Wheat Board privatized to foreign company:

Owen Gray said...

They're on a tear, Hugh. They sense that this may be the last chance they have to re-create the world.

Anonymous said...

"There's no way it can be done in isolation. One order of government cannot ask the other to do the job. It has to be done together."

Congratulations premier of Quebec we must work together. Well spoken sir.

The Federal Government there is none all we got is a bunch of lose cannons starting at the top with Harper and in tow the con clown show...

It is getting more disgusting by
the day.


Owen Gray said...

These are folks who like to give orders, Mogs. They don't like to work together.