Saturday, May 09, 2015

Becoming Their Own Targets.


Chantal Hebert writes that it's been a rough week for the Harperites. They're beginning to look long in the tooth and extraordinarily incompetent. Consider Mr. Harper's "surprise" trip to Iraq:

The prime minister travels to Iraq and Kuwait — close to the frontline in the war against Islamic State extremists — ostensibly to show his support for our troops. Scores of photo opportunities follow. In their eagerness to showcase their boss in the role of commander-in-chief (and rake up pre-election points), the seasoned operators of the prime minister’s spin machine break protocol and post two promotional videos that feature members of Canada’s special forces. 

And the PMO -- not the Senator's travels -- was the centre of attention at the Duffy trial:

RCMP documents filed as part of Mike Duffy’s trial show that Harper’s palace guard doctored an independent Senate audit in an effort to keep a lid on the expense scandal. Slowly but inexorably, the disgraced senator’s trial continues to turn into a trial by proxy of the ethical culture that prevails at the highest levels of the current government. 

The wheels are coming off the Harper spin machine. Nothing underscored that more than Omar Khadr's first news conference after being released on bail:

The Conservatives lose a legal battle to keep Omar Khadr behind bars until a court hears a federal appeal of the decision to let him out on bail. That happens just as the Conservatives are primed to bask in the glow of the adoption of their anti-terror bill in the Commons. 

All week long the prime minister and his acolytes spit into the wind. And they became their own targets


Rural said...

Its not nice to wish bad Karma on anyone but in this case they have more than earned it, the list of wrongdoings is long and been obscured by spin for far to long. The truth will come out and this regime will be shown for the unprincipled crooks that they are.

Owen Gray said...

What goes around comes around, Rural.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Their looking and acting very desperate Owen. Without a solid foundation built on truth and facts, Harpers agenda is based on a platform of lies and propaganda.They won't be able to climb out of the quick sand they are sinking into. Sink away!

Owen Gray said...

Oh what a tangled web they weave, Pam.

Mogs Moglio said...

Best part yet Russia is demanding the extradition of Mr.Katriuk who as a native Ukrainian slaughtered many of his own people for the Nazis. Burned down villages and burned the villagers for the Third Reich if they managed to escape he machine gunned them down men women and children. A war criminal Harper continues to harbor and this fellow lied to Canadian Immigration when he moved to Canada about his real identity. Russia wants to put him on trial Harper says no. I hope the ethnic Ukrainian Canadians are paying close attention. Harper claims to support them yet harbors a war criminal that slaughtered their fellow country peoples. Probably even some of their relatives. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Harper. Putin will out maneuver you at the chess game of Geo-politics every time.

Things are looking bleak for Harper. How is he going to explain to the Ukrainians he is harboring someone that murdered many of them in war crimes? Oh I forgot war crimes do not matter to Harper he does them all the time with his bombing campaigns against nations we are not at war with.

Hi Owen and cheers,

Owen Gray said...

It's pretty clear by now, Mogs, that Harper has several blind spots. And they all have something to do with convenience.