Monday, June 29, 2015

Better Than The News


HarperPAC had a lifespan of one week. Given Mr. Harper's use of American political consultants and tactics, it's passing strange that an idea which has so much currency south of the border should die so quickly in the Great White North. If you wonder why the political action committee did not make it into the prime minister's arsenal, Michael Harris writes, remember that Mr. Harper seeks control -- of everything:

In less than a week, three of Harper’s old buddies, one of whom shared a past with him at the National Citizens’ Coalition, pulled the plug on HarperPAC. Not only that, but they promised to return all the money they had collected. (I would like to see the list of donors.)

Why did they do that?

In a word, they were poaching the Harper brand and Himself was not pleased. It was like stealing the formula for Coca-Cola. In fact, Harper was reportedly so displeased that the party and the prime minister were plotting a legal battle to force the shutdown before the group voluntarily disbanded.

It's all rather bizarre. When he was head of the National Citizens Coalition, Stephen Harper went all the way to the Supreme Court to argue for third party advertising. But that was then. This is now. And now:

It is all about controlling the message. As his political woes deepen, Harper has a habit of moving away from substantive discourse and doubling down on the emotional and irrational. He is a master channel changer and his success begins where debate ends.

The last thing Harper and his apparatchiks want is a reasoned discussion about the Iraq Mission against ISIS. Literally everything being done in Iraq and Syria has been done before — there and elsewhere — and failed; sending in the trainers, boots on the ground, partnering with Iran, arming the Kurds, and hoping for a political alliance between Shia and Sunni factions forged by the government in Baghdad.
Here is a number to keep in mind. At the peak of the second Iraq War, the U.S. had 505 bases manned by 166,000 troops in country. A total of $25 billion U.S. was spent training and equipping of the Iraqis with virtually nothing to show for it. 

Mr. Harper is doing  everything he can to make sure the facts don't get out -- whether on Iraq or climate change.  He proclaims -- in the words of Kory Teneyche -- that, "We're better than the news. We're truthful."


thwap said...

harper doesn't like substantive discussion because he's a profoundly stupid man trying to con people.

Con artists always try to change the subject when people ask them questions.

Owen Gray said...

And he picks the questions he chooses to answer, thwap.

Hugh said...

But they've reduced the deficit.


"Since the recession hit in 2008, Ottawa has added more than $150-billion to the national debt."

But they've reduced the deficit.

Owen Gray said...

And they say they're "truthful," Hugh.

Mogs Moglio said...

Facts Owen? Facts Harper does not believe in facts why do you think he sank the long form census? Oh shit its not in his bible it ain't real. Why did he sack scientists? Facts get in Harper's way and does not give him his bullies elbow room. Facts are annoyances like mosquitoes to be squashed immediately if not sooner before they can sting. Next time you see a mosquito think about Harper and facts like 'climate change' before you squash it.


Owen Gray said...

Facts have always gotten in Harper's way, Mogs. They tell a story he doesn't want to hear -- to wit, he's wrong.