Friday, June 19, 2015

Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty


Stephen Harper wants to build a monument to the victims of Communism. Critics call it a misplaced monstrosity. But while those critics bemoan the ugliness of the proposed monument, Harper has been busy constructing a much uglier monument to himself. It's called Bill C-51. Michael Harris writes:

C-51 is the transparent and triumphant work of someone who likes martial authority, likes being photographed around people in uniform, likes dishing out punishment to anyone who crosses him, and wants to turn Canada into a giant yard-sale for the oligarchs who run things. The most repressive kingdom on Earth gets Canadian weapons and the Wheat Board. The nation with the world’s worst human rights record snares a long-term trade deal and Nexen. Even Tim’s is gone.

And have you noticed that there’s no war Stephen Harper doesn’t want to get in on, or foment? His stupefying habit of baiting Russian President Vladimir Putin is only the most recent example; Harper runs Canadian foreign policy as though it were a rumble in a parking lot. And now he has navigated the most undemocratic piece of legislation of his term — his legacy bill — through the democratic institutions he controls completely for another few months.

Justin Trudeau should have known better than support the bill. The NDP and the Green Party did .And the hacker collective Anonymous does, too:

C-51 is designed for the things Harper doesn’t like. He doesn’t like free speech. He doesn’t like protestors who take their convictions to the street. He doesn’t like public information getting out there without his approval — so he doesn’t like any displays of independence from scientists, journalists, bureaucrats or judges. He doesn’t like unions, or environmentalists, or opposition in any form. C-51 is made by and for a man who — like every dictator everywhere — thinks that his should be the last word on everything.

Those who stood up against this kind of state intrusion were the victims of Communism. And now, in the name of less intrusive government, Harper gives us Bill C-51. He is Canada's Ozymandias.

Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!


Lulymay said...

And more are jumping from the Ship of State run by our own Ozymandias. James Moore knows he's toast now and there will be more to come. John Duncan should be next.

Owen Gray said...

It's interesting, Lulymay, that it's not just backbenchers who are leaving. It would appear that the big names know the gig is up.

zoombats of Hong Kong said...

In short I think the present situation gives credence to your past post Owen about getting out while the gettin's good. The writing must truly be on the wall.

ffd said...

Every one of these Tory rats are leaving the sinking ship. And every one of them is using their family as an excuse, basically hiding behind their children. It reminds me of some colleagues I once had. If they were late, it was the children's fault. If they wanted to leave early, it was because of the children. If they messed up, the children kept them up late the night before. The children were always the perfect excuse since no one dared object to this noble parental concern even when everyone knew it was a complete lie.

It is getting boring. Can't a Tory ever think up something even slightly original?

Owen Gray said...

As the father of three sons, ffd, I know that children can change your schedule. But in the case of the Harperites, I suspect that those who are leaving have read the graffiti on the wall.

Owen Gray said...

I think you're right, zoombats. They figure it's better to leave before voters turn out the lights.