Monday, June 15, 2015

So Far They Have Gotten Away Scot Free


The RCMP have charged Mike Duffy with thirty-one offences. But, Michael Harris writes, the PMO should be on trial, not Duffy:

It is the nagging doubt that Duffy’s day in court is a “show trial” that feeds the idea that the Senate itself is the real problem. The leadership in the Senate looks hypocritical, self-aggrandizing, and screamingly at odds with any known concept of equal justice.

For starters, both the Government Leader in the Senate and the Senate Speaker made Auditor General Michael Ferguson’s bad apple list.

And it's their connections to the PMO that really should leave a bad taste in citizens' mouths:

That rattling sound the attentive can hear from the Duffy trial is more bones in the Senate closet soon to be on display. The PMO was directly and intimately involved in undercutting the independence of a supposedly independent parliamentary institution, got Senate reports changed, and interfered in a forensic audit being done for the Senate by Deloitte.

When the Senate had a chance to show its independence and integrity, it slunk away from getting to the bottom of these gross, institutional invasions.

Even though the PMO dispatched Senator Irving Gerstein to ask a buddy at Deloitte if the audit could be stopped if Duffy paid back his disputed housing expenses, the Conservative majority on the Senate’s Internal Economy Committee didn’t act. They refused to demand testimony from Senator Gerstein or the insider he turned to at Deloitte, Michael Runia. To this day, no one can explain how the PMO got the Deloitte audit weeks before it was delivered to a Senate committee.

It's clear that the majority in our House of Sober Second Thought is owned lock, stock and barrel by the PMO. The people in that office are behind the Duffy story. And, so far, they have got away scot free.


Mogs Moglio said...

And this is not the first illegality they committed:


Owen Gray said...

It took quite awhile for the legal system to catch up with the In and Out scandal, Mogs.

Anonymous said...

The real outrage should have been reserved for how Nigel Wright could have escaped being charged with bribery (or at least attempted bribery) while Duffy was not so lucky. And there is also the apparent interference with the supposedly independent Deloitte audit where Nigel should have been charged with obstruction of justice (or at least attempted obstruction).

If Nigel escaped charges because the RCMP had evidence that his boss, the PM, had authorized the above transgressions, then the RCMP should have made that known publicly.

The way it is now, how could one come to any conclusion other than the RCMP's decision to not charge Nigel is politically motivated? Especially when his boss, the PM, is on public record that Nigel had run rogue behind his back?

Owen Gray said...

All of this leads to the suspicion that the RCMP is doing Harper's bidding, Anon.

Mogs Moglio said...

Harper's former Head of Security got appointed Ambassador to Jordan:

Its an old game its you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.


Owen Gray said...

A whole lota scrathin's goin' on, Mogs.

The Mound of Sound said...

The "Immaculate Bribery" theory is entirely premised on ignoring the facts that Harris references - the corruption of the Senate by Nigel Wright on Harper's direct orders. This took the form of ordering Duffy to stop cooperating with the Senate-directed Deloitte audit, intervening to have Tkachuk and Stewart-Olsen 'launder' Duffy's Senate audit report, Gerstein's interference and more that has yet to surface. The PMO also orchestrated a scheme to compel Duffy to resign that included intimidation, even threats.

The thing that must always be kept in mind when considering these events is that they were always intended to be covert. No one was ever supposed to know. Harper's by now familiar 'cloak of silence' was to keep this all concealed. That secrecy probably would have held but for Duffy's blunder in emailing his supposed confidantes with details of the 'deal' the PMO had worked out for him. The timing of that email is as critical as its contents. It was contemporaneous with events, not some after the fact 'late invention' (to use the legal term). Duffy wrote, in effect, "they're going to do thus and so for me" and the facts show everything described subsequently happened. The timing and accuracy makes the veracity of the email unassailable. That email is what then colours the events and the intent of the parties - Duffy, Wright, Perrin, Tkachuk, Stewart-Olsen, LeBreton, Gerstein, Hamilton and the man behind the emerald curtain.

Someone chose to leak the critical email to CTV's Bob Fife and the rest is history in the making.

Imagine charging Duffy with 31-offences. That's demonstrative of a political investigation and a political prosecution, in effect persecution. This dovetails neatly with a rumoured Perrin memo stating that if Duffy becomes a problem they (the PMO presumably) can either bury him or bankrupt him.

I had a discussion recently about whether RCMP commish Paulson will survive this trial and there are reasons to believe he may prematurely and quietly resign.

Owen Gray said...

One can't escape the conclusion, Mound, that -- this time -- the Mounties didn't get their man. Instead, the man got them.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Wright did aid, abet, covered-up and paid the money for a corrupt Senator, that was stealing our tax dollars. Nigel Wright got off scot free and made haste to the UK. The UK seems to be a favorite dumping ground for Harper. Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman and Harper rewarded him, the post as High Commissioner to the UK.

How can Duffy be charged and not Nigel Wright? To me I am wondering if, the fix is in again? Nothing will happen to the Conservative thieves. The Senators from the other parties will likely be charged. The MP's and Conservative Senators are fighting like mad, to keep their expenses from being exposed.

None of this passes the smell test.

Owen Gray said...

Precisely, Anon. It stinks.

the salamander said...

.. Mound has it right, and certainly Michael Harris.. and the documentary about the Election Fraud catches many of the same names, same players in the gaming of government.. or rather The Harper Government and the Harper Party gaming.. and worse, grooming Canadian to accept their behavior.

Some names to remember too, are Ray Novak - the 2nd most powerful person in Canada we are told, Jenni Byrne who has been around forever, Arthur Hamilton who has suddenly disappeared from his previous high visibility.. and numerous others. It takes a lot of quislings to game Parliament and the entire country.. all under the direction of our Prime Minister.

I look for stunning developments in the Duffy Trial.. inc the withdrawal of Paulson of the RCMP. The lampreys of the PMO may seek new shelter if threatened by criminal charges. Perhaps the term is premature.. but criminal charges for obstruction and coverup at the highest levels of Harper's PMO, apparatchiks, Senate, Party, Lawyers.. raises the stench of treason into play. After all, even if there are different rules & the scummy 'privilege' dodges and endless delays & appeals to the grinding of 'justice' .. at some point it just becomes clear when a partisan politician is a creepy self serving pus sack and false Canadian. Not a glowing heart.. and not even close

Owen Gray said...

As Mound says, salamander, there's a paper trail. That's where the smoking gun will be found.