Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Vets Are Going To War


The Harper Party used to be be able to count on the support of veterans. That was because they made the right noises. But, as Preston Manning said, "Words don't mean much to Stephen."

That's a lesson that  Canada's veterans have learned to their own chagrin. Tom Beaver and Ron Clarke have taken that lesson to the campaign trail and joined the Anyone But Harper Brigade. They quote former Chief of Defence Staff Rick Hillier:

“I do not think we had any idea the scale and scope of what the impact would be. I truly do not. This is beyond a medical issue. I think many of our young men and women have lost confidence in our country to support them.”

Beaver and Clarke then go onto enumerate the reasons why veterans have lost faith in the Harper government:

1.  Conservatives kill lifetime pensions for veterans
2.  Harper minister insults veterans, closes nine veterans offices
3. Auditor General finds Harper government failing veterans
4. Conservatives slash 900 jobs despite pleas from managers
5. More than $1 billion not spent by ministry to help veterans
6. Judge orders government to pay $887 million to vets
7. Silencing and smearing veterans who criticize

The prime minister likes to claim that he stands four score for the security of Canadians. But the people who provided that security don't believe him. Why should you?


lungta said...

check out this

harper is "campaigning"
like an election doesn't need his participation to be won by him
and i wouldn't be surprised if in fact that is exactly true
merely an arranged outward show to legitimize his next steps
it is not like the straussian mandate is to play the game fair
and the criminality exposed is only the tip of his iceberg or bilderberg if you will
who do you want watching the ballot boxes? ...the RCMP?...vetted conservative plants?
who will be watching? oh right bill C51....the harper government

Owen Gray said...

All this from a government which tells us that ISIS is our enemy, lungta. Like so many other stories, the Harperites wants to keep this one under a blanket.