Monday, October 12, 2015

He Miscalculated


There's one week to go. Stephen Harper has tried to make this election about the economy and terrorism. But -- Tim Harper writes -- in this election, the ballot question is about change:

Over the longest election campaign in modern Canadian history, the Conservative leader has not been able to change the ballot question in this campaign — the hunger for change.
After 70 days, the hunger is still there and that means the final week of this marathon looks more and more like Justin Trudeau’s to lose. One unintended consequence of this long campaign is that Harper gave his Liberal challenger time to grow as a leader and prove that he was up to the job. It’s an open question as to whether he could have done that in a more traditional 37-day campaign.

The kid who supposedly wasn't ready increasingly looks like he is. Still, a lot can happen and a lot can change quickly:

The NDP surprise came late in 2011 and Harper’s majority was not apparent until voting day. British Columbia Liberals and Alberta Progressive Conservatives confounded pollsters and prevailed at the final moment. Kathleen Wynne surged to a majority in Ontario in the final days.

A ten week campaign was supposed to give Stephen Harper the time to pummel his enemies. Clearly, Mr. Harper miscalculated.



Anonymous said...

Careful not to count your chickens before they hatch. Nobody expected Cameron to romp to a majority in the UK, but he did. And Harper's using the same Svengali who helped Cameron ride bigotry to victory.

Owen Gray said...

I agree, Anon. There's a lot of mileage to be had in bigotry. But I do point out that this election has -- so far -- not gone as Harper had planned.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Some one like Harper who has manipulated his way into power Owen, will always be shocked when that manipulation no longer works.He knows no other way to communicate. Taking the time to talk issues with all Canadians is not part of his election strategy.His constant hiding from Canadians is a red flag to people that he is hiding something and indeed he is.He's hiding the neoliberal fascist state that he will turn Canada into if he gets the 4 more years he so desperately wants. I agree, this election has not gone as Harper had planned.He's also appearing very anxious and desperate these days. Not a good sign.In his choreographed talks, he comes across as very wooden.He's about as inspiring as a slug!

Owen Gray said...

He's trying to scare his way back into power, Pam. And, like the boy who cried wolf, he's discovering that his strategy isn't working anymore.

Mogs Moglio said...

Pam you've insulted slugs ;)Owen from one of your links:

“There is a real chance the Liberals may form government which will have real consequences for the economy, including massive tax hikes and job losses,” Oliver said.

“In an era of economic uncertainty, only a vote for the Conservative Party can protect your wallet and your job.”

Ha-Ha-Ha Joe... The only thing that can protect my wallet is getting rid of you Mr. Oliver you never were a solver of Harper's budget woes.

Owen Gray said...

It looks like the fear campaign is running out of gas, Mogs.