Friday, October 16, 2015

The Woods Are Burning


There's always a fire to put out. Justin Trudeau is dealing with the fallout from the news that his campaign co-chair has been consulting for Trans Canada Corp. But, if you think that's a big fire Michael Harris writes, it's nothing like the Harper campaign -- which is a conflagration. The cause of the blaze is Harper's alliance with Rob and Doug Ford:

The idea of standing in front of a campaign rally in a half-filled room with Rob and Doug Ford in the front row — glaring with their tiny, mad eyes — would be enough to scare the pants off a hitman.

And yet, that’s the humiliating scene to which Stephen Harper submitted himself like a lamb in Etobicoke earlier in the week. On Saturday, the Fords will do it to him again when they host the Conservative leader at another Toronto party rally. The Conservative campaign has now passed beyond putting out fires, into the realm of flat-out, hair-pulling desperation.

In a new ads -- targeted at immigrant communities -- Harper claims that Trudeau is soft on weed and a mad eyed advocate for brothels:

In a new series of Conservative party ads, translated into Chinese and Punjabi and running in small newspapers and flyers, Harper claims that Justin Trudeau’s values boil down to: community brothels, bubblegum and doobies waiting for the kids in every corner store and safe injection sites for drug addicts. So, yeah. Pretty much the end of civilization as we know it.

And his antidote to Trudeau is the Fords?  Talk about bumbling irony:

Both brothers have been linked to the drug trade — the Globe and Mail reported that Doug sold hash in the 1980s. Rob’s admission of drug use happened under duress, of course, since by the time he owned up to it, everybody on the planet with a phone had seen the video of him with his Happy Pipe. He was an out-of-control substance abuser — just the kind of foil you want for a libertine like Justin, right?

The woods are burning all around Harper -- and he's desperate.


Mogs Moglio said...

It shows that Harper's anti drug stance is hollow just like everything else about the man. Is he a man? Or is he an invading alien? His values his logic his contempt for the law the rules and convention his hatred for Canada Canadians and all that is Canadian are most certainly alien to the majority of Canadians. I do not wish for him to have a soft landing when he exits politics this month. I want every Mary, Jane, Sally, Tom, Dick and Harry to come forward people that he has offended and transgressed to sue him tie him up in court until he is broke homeless and divorced. Then let's see how much respect he has for our social system that he destroyed and is destroying.

Do I sound mean and vengeful? No sir it is called tough love and intervention he Harper is an addict to his own alien style of being Canada's # 1 dictator who forces alien B.S. down our throats.

Owen Gray said...

It's pretty clear that a lot of Canadians feel as you do, Mogs.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Close the door on your way out Steve.

The Mound of Sound said...

From Tories from Ontario, BC and the Maritimes I've spoken with recently, Owen, they're plainly embarrassed by the campaign Harper has waged. They sense, perhaps more than most Canadians, the desperation in his tactics from the start of this campaign. The repeated and obvious lies about how the Duffy scandal involved only Duffy and Wright was the electoral equivalent of the grade schooler telling the teacher - over and over again - that the dog ate his homework. For Tories more committed to the party than its leader, that lie seems to have left fresh scars with every retelling. Now, at the end of his campaign, Harper has bookended his laughable campaign with this bordello and opium den tale.

It's as though he's going after supporters he might have missed the first time he scraped the bottom of the barrel.

Owen Gray said...

For folks who used to call themselves Progressive Conservatives, Mound, Harper must be profoundly galling. They know they could have done much better than choose such an angry, vindictive leader.

Owen Gray said...

Precisely, Pam.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Something I find interesting Owen. Harpers 2011 campaign, was much better run. I know that was when they did so many robocalls and that of course allowed them to suppress thousands of votes, but their campaign was alot smoother, much bettered organized. This campaign has Harper bumbling along and sounding more like a circus barker then a PM in a political campaign. It's so bad, it's even hard to watch.I wonder why? This is Harpers 3rd campaign for PM and he looks and sounds like a rank amateur,just starting out.

Owen Gray said...

Think of all the people the Harper operation has lost, Pam -- either because they quit or were thrown under the bus. And Stephen has not been able to recruit new people. Why work for someone who's going to get rid of you when you become inconvenient?

He's now left with the dregs at the bottom of the cup.