Thursday, October 01, 2015

Wombat Attack


It's clear that Lynton Crosby is now in charge of the Harper campaign. How else do you explain the prime minister's railing about niqabs in the face of two court rulings? David Krayden writes:

Everything is transpiring according to the playbook, and Crosby — who probably can’t believe his luck in landing so soon on one wedge issue in the niqab controversy — is actively looking for other flashpoints to divide the voters.

Harper's turning to Crosby is bizarre. But the entire campaign is bizarre:

This isn’t just the longest campaign in modern Canadian politics — it’s also one of the most bizarre. We have the NDP campaigning on balanced budgets, hiring more police officers and retaining the much-maligned F-35 joint strike fighter for the RCAF. We have the Liberals talking up the advisability of deficits and supporting the Conservatives’ security bill. And then there are the Conservatives themselves, pitching for a renewed mandate for the Stephen Harper Corporation — even though that corporation has appeared at times to be one of the most incompetently run and unethical organizations ever to walk the political stage.

And, despite evidence of wide spread and miraculous corruption, Harper remains competitive:

It must seem slightly miraculous to the Tory team that, with less than three weeks to go, the Harper Party remains in a first-place tie with the competition. Harper walked through the Mike Duffy trial like a somnambulist; even when he was the target of Tom Mulcair’s withering cross-examination, the PM focused on the weather — or whatever else he could find to talk about. His staffers somehow appeared both evasive and disconnected from both their jobs and reality; Harper merely moved on.
If one trial wasn’t enough, Bruce Carson had his day in court too. Carson, easily the oldest man in a PMO dominated by twenty-somethings, may have brought some much-needed experience to Harper’s inner circle; turns out it wasn’t the sort of life experience that the job called for. Still, Carson has had little or no impact on the campaign.

Many Canadians don't seem to recognize an obvious wombat attack.


CuriosityCat said...

Remember: Harper needs 170 seats to survive a confidence vote in the House, and is not in that territory despite the niqab dead cat on the table tactic: “Though the poll’s findings are just a snapshot in time, if the same results occurred the night of the Oct. 19 election, the Conservatives would win a minority — 151 seats in the 338-seat House of Commons. The NDP would form the opposition again with 105 seats, the Liberals would seize 76 seats, the Bloc six seats and the Greens one.”

Owen Gray said...

There is room for some hope, Curiosity. But the Libs and the Dippers have got to focus on the Conservatives, not each other.

Anonymous said...

I have to shake my head every time someone comes along and says relax, Harper is still going to be getting fewer seats than the Libs and Dippers.

Harper has cheated in every election ... read Michael Harris' Party of One (2006: In and Out; 2008: Dean Del Mastro, 2011: robocalls). If he is already at 34% (today's Forum poll), it is likely that he will pull another "majority" once the cheating premium is added in. For example, we have no idea how many voters (e.g. First Nations, students, etc.) are going to be prevented from voting by the new Unfair Election Act.

So, yes, while the Libs and Dippers are feuding, Harper will steal the ball, again.

Owen Gray said...

He's an old hand at sabotaging things, Anon. We should know this by now.

Toby said...

Owen Gray said... , "He's an old hand at sabotaging things, Anon. We should know this by now."

Yes, we do but Tom and Justin and their respective supporters don't seem to.

Owen Gray said...

And, that may lead to their mutual disappointment, Toby.

Dana said...

If it happens again I hope it leads to their mutual destruction. As in leaping off goddamn bridges and asphyxiating themselves in their fucking garages. The foolish bastards. There won't be a Canada worth giving a shit about if Harper wins another majority.

I'll start looking for ways of paying no taxes whatever and fuck the rest of the idiot nation.

the salamander said...

.. with respect ..
We suspect Canadians may surprise Harper Inc
with their considerable distate and disgust

Whether a disastrous whistleblower
will come out of the weeds
and blow Herr Harper out of the water
pre election is still yet to be revealed..

Certainly, the denials of the most recent failure
Rick Dykstra exemplify the Harper failures & flops
Denial of decadence, disregard.. and zero real 'values'

As always.. its important to remember
Harper Inc fsils consistantly, deceives & obstructs
on a daily basis .. under the 'leadership' of our supreme Public Servant
Stephen Harper

Owen Gray said...

I sincerely hope that the majority of Canadians vote and show their support for your conclusion, salamander. In fact -- given the facts -- I don't understand why they wouldn't agree with you.

Owen Gray said...

Let's hope this is Harper's last stand, Dana, and he joins General Custer in history's pantheon of self obsessed fools.