Thursday, March 24, 2016

Not A Comforting Thought

The conventional wisdom seems to be that, if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off against each other in November, Hillary will win. Gerry Caplan isn't so sanguine. He writes:

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the best-qualified candidate for the American presidency since Thomas Jefferson and she will lose to Donald Trump in November. Few candidates have had her experience, knowledge and competence to be president, which is also one of the Achilles heels that will bring her down.

Ms. Clinton has for years been among the bright stars in that political establishment that so many Americans blame for their poor fortunes. It’s these millions of disillusioned Americans who gave us Donald Trump and who almost gave Ms. Clinton Bernie Sanders. Can Ms. Clinton present herself as the person who understands their grievances and who can credibly promise to address them?

While Trump would be a disaster as president, all of Clinton's experience has caught up with her. And it won't just be Trump who will be fighting Clinton:

First comes the Republican Party, and, broken as it by its own crackpot ideas and internal stresses, it remains a power in the land. We must never forget that the mediocrities who lost to Barack Obama still won more than 46 per cent of all the votes cast: Mitt Romney, John McCain-Sarah Palin! Despite everything, Mr. Trump is likely to get those same Republican votes, and won’t need many more to win.

Second comes the real power in American political-economic life, a vast extremist right-wing conspiracy pervading every corner of the republic, as described by investigative journalist Jane Mayer in her powerful and deeply chilling new book, Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right. Featuring the reactionary oil barons Charles and David Koch and their fellow ultraconservative billionaires like Sheldon Adelson, this is a tale of how money hijacks democracy in the United States.

Once the final act of the 2016 presidential campaign begins, their sole target will be Ms. Clinton. Despite her closeness to the 1 per cent, they hate her beyond explanation. Almost a billion dollars in advertising, social media, ground organizing and dirty tricks of every possible kind will be launched at her. She won’t know what hit her.

The problem with riding on the back of the tiger is that, eventually, the tiger decides to have lunch. Not a comforting thought for the rider or for those of us north of the border.



ron wilton said...

That 'right wing' conspiracy pervading every corner of the republic has reached 'beyond' those borders as well.

Off topic but worthy of note, one of BC's more influential, high profile, fact finding, government bashing bloggers website and twitter feed has been 'attacked' by persons unknown and subsequently is now off line and it is difficult for us here in lalaland to imagine that it was an indiscriminate attack.

Owen Gray said...

Big money insists that it gets its way, ron.

Anonymous said...

Owen, I apologize for off topic. Breaking news in BC regarding site C - Laila Yuile's website & twitter account maliciously hacked and destroyed after her last post. Norm Farrel has the goods:

""So many vital cases accepted by the Supreme Court of Canada indicates that the BC's Appeal Court is not following the directions of Canada's highest bench.""

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Anon. We should remember that those with influence don't just target the big operators.

Steve said...

In a Clinton Trump clash I am going with Trump, The lesser of two evils

Owen Gray said...

It's not a good choice, Steve. But I'm not sure Trump is a "lesser evil."