Monday, July 25, 2016

It's Not Easy Being Hillary

The action shifts to Philadelphia this week. And Hillary Clinton will be its epicenter. Doubts follow her there. Why? Tom Walkom writes:

The Clintons’ time in the White House was marked by a series of so-called scandals with names like Whitewater and Travelgate that, for most people, have long vanished into the mists of time.

An independent prosecutor later concluded that Hillary Clinton had done nothing wrong in any of these.
Nonetheless, they damaged her. Critics were unable to pierce Bill Clinton’s glad-handing popularity. 

But Hillary was easier prey. By the time the Clintons left the White House, a notion — not entirely without merit — had taken root in the public mind that she sometimes skirted the truth.

And let's be frank. She's a woman. For Republicans, she fits into a "sub-catagory." And they claim that she's corrupt:

On the face of it, the email scandal should have appealed only to IT aficionados. Her stated and very plausible motive for using a private cellphone on government business was that she didn’t want to carry two mobile devices.

However, this was Hillary Clinton. Once again, an investigation was launched. Once again, she was cleared of criminal wrongdoing (although not of bad judgment) — this time by the FBI.

A House investigation into another soi-disant Clinton scandal — her role in the 2012 attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya that killed four Americans — found no evidence of negligence on her part.
But both contretemps served to reawaken the old doubts. In May, one pollster interviewed Americans with a negative view of Clinton. It found, to no one’s surprise, that 50 per cent of Republicans polled found her untrustworthy.

More alarmingly for the Democratic presidential candidate, it found that 39 per cent of Democrats polled held the same view.

Donald Trump -- who operates on the assumption that small phrases entertain small minds -- has taken to calling her "crooked Hillary."  Meanwhile, he's doing his best to throw a cone of silence around his own business practices.

It's not easy being Hillary.



Steve said...

Billary left the White House in the words of Hillary broke. Both spent most of their lives barely making 6 figures on a goverment paycheck. Now thier estimated net worth is $300 million. Say what you will about Trump but he made his dishonest moneey the old fashioned way.

The Kock brothers are now simolutaniosly funding both Hillary and the Tea Party.

Meanwhile neo liberal forces who see Hillary as an ally are ramping up for a war with Iran and Russia. Have they been preparing for decades?

This election will come down to a gut reaction and Trump is all guts.

Owen Gray said...

Sometimes, Steve, you have to hold your nose and vote. But voting is better than not voting.

opit said...

It begs the question of why. The list of Presidential candidates was quite long when I looked at it for the last election - and most of them were not heard of so effectively most people do not realize Ralph Nader ran several times - polling around 6%. When the selection of candidates is ridiculously controlled to satisfy the oligarchs, why should you vote for THEIR candidate ? Certainly the Bernie affair should make one hold his nose. Adrienne thought this worth distributing.

Owen Gray said...

I agree that the Clintons are too close to big money, opit. And I wish Bernie had won. But he didn't. And the choice is limited. I also point out that Breitbart has a clear agenda, which makes me -- at least -- uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Walkom is either an incredibly incompetent journalist or an utter disgrace betraying the public trust by writing establishment propaganda.

Hillary is largely distrusted and disliked by the American public because she's a bribe-taking sellout who stands for nothing but getting MOAR money and MOAR power. It takes little researching skills to find this out. Try Google.

Here's a few things that are easily found: "13 minutes of Hillary lying" on YouTube; Hillary linked to Panama Papers tax havens; Elizabeth Warren tells how Hillary opposed debtor-prison bankruptcy legislation as First Lady then supported it as an elected senator; Hillary received millions from Wall Street: supports banking deregulation; Hillary received millions from the healthcare industry: opposes single-payer healthcare; during the primaries, she cast Bernie Sanders supporters as "racist, misogynist Bernie Bros" which the establishment media ran with; the list goes on and on and on.

The objective progressive media in the US like The Young Turks and Secular Talk have exposed all of Hillary's corruption.

Some people can ignore this massive corruption for whatever reason they want to play "see no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil." But if American voters do not, do not be surprised.

-Bernie Orbust

Owen Gray said...

So you'd vote for Trump, Bernie? And you'd sleep well? Or, would you not vote?

Anonymous said...

"Forget the lesser evil and fight for the greater good as if your lives depend on it. Because they do." Jill Stein

-Bernie Orbust

Owen Gray said...

She's an option, Bernie. But remember. When Ralph Nader ran for the Greens, they got George W. And, when George Wallace was the third party candidate, they got Nixon.