Thursday, July 21, 2016

Republican Death Notice

Brent Rathgeber writes that the Republican Party is dead. It's been replaced by The Donald Trump Show:

This is no longer the Republican Party; it’s becoming the Trump Party — bombastic, obnoxious and playing deliriously on the fears of white America. Trump has dumped the conservative Republican playbook — he favours brick walls over free trade, a police state over smaller government. His appeal is based almost entirely on xenophobia and many Americans (mostly, but not entirely, Republicans) seem to believe what he is saying about Mexicans and Muslims.

The only constant coming out of the Trump Convention has been the sustained, visceral and vicious attacks on Hillary Clinton. I’m no fan of the former Secretary of State, but one should rely on facts when attacking a political opponent — not wild hyperbole and unhinged fantasy. Given the lack of anything like substantive policy in his campaign, Trump’s strategy seems to be limited to malicious, often reckless, character assassination.

And that may be the most alarming thing about Trump — nobody really knows what he wants to do as president. His speeches are generally too incoherent to allow for inferences about whether he stands for anything apart from racial prejudice and misogyny. He is unpredictable, offensive and a blowhard. He is one of the most polarizing figures to aspire to high office in a western democracy in ages.

Trump represents Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy in full fruition. His supporters are seething with resentment and not very bright. All they bring to the table is a long, hard hate. And Trump -- who has transformed the party into a cult of personality -- has focused that hate on Hillary Clinton.

Last night Ted Cruz refused to support Trump. He urged Americans to vote their conscience. Rethgeber understands Cruz' message. That's why he left the Stephen Harper Show.



Steve said...

Et tu Cruz. The biggest American traitor scince Benidict Arnoald. Maybe bigger becasue at least Benidict was conflicted. I cant describe the joy I feel seeing the leadership of the Repulicain party jousting to see who can leave the biggest flamming turd on the doorstoop. I just hope this opens the American eyes to stop stepping in it.

Owen Gray said...

What goes around comes around, Steve. Cruz made that point in spades.

Anonymous said...

This is no longer the Republican Party; it’s becoming the Trump Party — bombastic, obnoxious and playing deliriously on the fears of white America.

The description is what the Republicans have always been!
Why the surprise?


Owen Gray said...

True, T.B. Perhaps it's a matter of degree. This is Richard Nixon's party on steroids.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that on both sides of the Atlantic people cannot come to terms with reality.
The reality that we cannot grow forever and the reality that, eventually, we reap what we sow.
The reality is also that we , the voting public, have lost control over our future.
Sadly we seem to make matters worse by electing more of what we dislike so much!


Owen Gray said...

The old adage is still true, TB. We get the government we deserve.