Monday, January 30, 2017

Chez Vous

Hatred is a virulent disease. Last night it broke out in Quebec City. Apparently, the two suspects are in custody. The justice system will deal with them. Premier Phillipe Couillard's message was unadorned and straight forward. "Nous sommes avec vous," he told the Muslim community. "Vous- etes chez vous."

It's a message which needs to be repeated -- in many languages -- across the country.

Image: You Tube


Rural said...

No border, wall or ocean can stop this illness Owen, we must e vigilant that it does not gain a greater hold here north of the boarder.

Owen Gray said...

Absolutely, Rural. You can't build a wall to stop this stuff.

Steve said...

apparently its red on red, maybe more idelogical hatred than racial hatred.

Owen Gray said...

It's both, Steve. And both are equally dangerous.