Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The stench surrounding Donald Trump got stronger yesterday. And his abysmal ignorance of everything became even more apparent. Jill Abramson writes:

We know that President Trump has a stunning ignorance of history. He recently flubbed the basics of the causes of the civil war and seemed to think the famous abolitionist Frederick Douglas was still alive and “doing a great job.” It’s certainly possible that President Trump doesn’t know the lessons of Watergate.

The most famous lesson is that the cover-up is always worse than the crime.

We don’t yet know the full story of Russia’s meddling in the election, but the abrupt firing of the FBI director, who was leading an investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, certainly reeks of a cover-up.

It is true that Comey mishandled the case of Hillary's emails. But Trump revelled in that FBI investigation. The trouble is that he, too, is now being investigated. And things are becoming uncomfortable. The Guardian reports that Comey's dismissal

came on a night when CNN reported that a grand jury had issued subpoenas in the investigation of the Trump camp’s contacts with Russian officials, and after Comey had confirmed to Congress that more than one person connected to the Trump campaign was the subject of an FBI counter-intelligence investigation. Comey had also indicated that he was investigating leaks from inside the FBI to the Trump campaign in the course of the election.

And, Abramson speculates that,

more likely to have provoked the president was Comey’s recent congressional testimony, in which he said that it made him nauseous to think his actions affected the election results. This remark likely hit President Trump’s most sensitive nerve. Anything that strikes at the legitimacy of his election is destabilizing to the president. He is insecure and seems to feel that his hold on his office is tenuous. That’s why reminders that he lost the popular vote make him apoplectic.

It’s also relevant that he fired the FBI director just as the Russia scandal was heating up again following Sally Yates’ testimony on Monday. Yates’s head had already rolled, but Comey continued to stand at the white-hot center of this investigation. With the house and senate Russia investigations barely off the ground, derailing Comey now could help send the FBI’s probe off the tracks, too.

That seems to be the intent. But this is Washington, not the set of The Apprentice. Trump can't make his troubles go away by firing people. If he knew anything about recent history, he'd understand that.

 Image: Toronto Star


Anonymous said...

I heard, Owen, that his replacement would be Christy, Giuliani,
or Sheriff David Clarke...

Owen Gray said...

All three of them make you wonder about Truth, Justice and The American Way, lovingit.

Lorne said...

What will be especially indicative of the corruption and partisanship rampant in Washington, Owen, is how Republicans will likely fall over themselves to confirm Trump's pick for the next head of the FBI. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is keen to see it happen quickly, for example:

Owen Gray said...

The real question is whether or not these guys will accept a Special Prosecutor, Lorne. That's what is needed now. But these folks are as corrupt as Trump.

Rural said...

As I watch the slow motion train wreck south of the border I cannot help but wonder if 'The Twit' is taking his guidance from the Turkish leader......
Democracy, rule of law, due process....what is that!

Owen Gray said...

He has been unabashed in his admiration for these men, Rural -- they're all men. And democracy is unimportant to all of them.

Steve said...

Something is rotten in the state of America. IMHO the whole Russia hacked the election meme is just spin. Now its possible that Trump had a trillion dollars worth of deals lined up with Russia. Comey strikes me as some kind of flake. The FBI has been a joke since inception. Alledgelly it was a way for the goverment to co operate with the mob. Ever heard of Whitey Bolger? Watch the departed or Scirco.

The game plan for the puppet masters was always to have President Pence. What should I do mother?

zoombats in Hong Kong said...

The wagon's are forming a circle.

Owen Gray said...

It will be interesting to see how many Republicans have backbones, Steve.

Owen Gray said...

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a Howard Baker anywhere in the modern Republican Party, zoombats.

John B. said...

"Comey had also indicated that he was investigating leaks from inside the FBI to the Trump campaign in the course of the election."

Didn't Giuliani already brag about that before he realized what he was admitting?

"He's got a surprise or two, that you're going to hear about in the next two days. ... I'm talking about some pretty big surprise. ... You'll see."

Get ready for a big surprise.

"You know what I was talking about? I was talking about his advertising this weekend. ... Yabbut Hillary ... my former FBI agent friends ... blah, blah, blah ..."

That's right. The advertising was surprisingly stunning and made all the more effective by Rudy's enticing promotional tease.

"I don't know yet."

Seems as though Rudy might still have had some splainin' to do. Maybe now he won't have to.

Owen Gray said...

Despite his attempts to shut things down, Trump has whetted the appetites of those who despise him, John. Eventually it will all come out. My guess is that it won't take too long.