Friday, June 16, 2017

His Waterloo?

Justin Trudeau is still riding high in the polls. But Michael Harris suggests that B.C. could turn out to be his Waterloo:

Trudeau’s most immediate practical challenge to his feel-good, unbuttoned politics is the recent provincial election in British Columbia.

Trudeau made a major political blunder in aligning himself with a government whose rape-and-pillage approach to that special province is only now on display. The trade-off was obvious: Trudeau would play ball with Christy Clark and she would reciprocate by signing on to his national carbon policy.

Now that Clark and her band of corporate Liberal locusts have been thrown out, the extent of the damage they have done — and the degree of Trudeau’s sellout — is becoming more obvious by the day. Just one case in point: BC Hydro is $20 billion in debt largely because Clark insisted that it borrow to cover operational shortfalls so that she could produce balanced budgets. In other words, she pushed the utility deep into the red so she could fake it with the public on the true state of the province’s fiscal health.
Trudeau’s unholy alliance with Clark can’t be spun into gold by even the best set of rented tonsils. The prime minister was willing to barter away the environmental commitments he made on the campaign trail in return for a sitting provincial government’s cooperation on his national agenda.

It's always been true that politics makes strange bedfellows. But sleeping with the wrong partner can prove unhealthy and sometimes fatal. Trudeau has compounded the problem by pursuing policies which many West Coasters oppose:

Then, of course, there’s Kinder Morgan. British Columbians have just elected a government that is opposed to it. The new premier opposes it, the Mayor of Vancouver opposes it, the leader of the Green Party opposes it, coastal civic leaders oppose it, and First Nations have vowed to take to the ramparts to stop it. I still remember the days when Trudeau was on their side — when they at least thought he was.

So far, the PM’s reaction has been every bit as corporate as Christy Clark’s. He has rather arrogantly asserted his continuing support for Kinder Morgan, while Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has sent the insulting message to British Columbians that they don’t control their own coastline. A nice, neighborly kick in the meatpies, yes?

Having family roots in B.C. may not be enough to get British Columbians to vote for Trudeau.



Dana said...

I didn't vote for his candidate in the last election and I certainly won't in the next. In point of fact I probably won't bother to vote any more at any level other than civic. There's just no point.

Owen Gray said...

If Trudeau had kept his promise on proportional representation, Dana, lots of people who thought it was a pointless exercise would probably opt to stay in the game.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

"and the degree of Trudeau's sellout-is becoming more obvious by the day." I think this is true Owen. I've been following the NDP leadership and if one of them wins like Charlie Angus , who will go back to the NDP socialist roots and is not afraid to fight neoliberalism, then I will vote for him. If not then I will vote for The Green Party.

I think to not vote will allow Trudeau back in.

Owen Gray said...

When your stir up cynicism, you'll reap the backlash, Pam. It appears that Justin hasn't learned that lesson.

Toby said...

Many politicos have been surprised at the polls, Theresa May being the latest. It seems that modern leaders are so busy listening to their supporters that they simply don't hear the grumbling on the street. Even the pollsters, determined to please their customers, aren't picking up the grumbling. Trudeau is looking to losing BC but he and his supporters probably don't see it coming. BC voters have a habit of dumping MP's who sell out to Ottawa.

Owen Gray said...

Politicians these days underestimate the degree to which voters are angry, Toby. Or they overestimate their personal charm. I'm beginning to think that is the case with Justin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the 'odd' person out, (once again) but I could not care less what C. Clarke and her misnomered LIB party, out there, do. OK? If I recall, the population of this country is centered right around here. South Central.
Our democratically-elected majority, LIB government led by our PM JPT-
have to juggle a wee bit, as does any Canadian government to even begin to satisfy
First Nation, Quebecois, Separatist, English, and East European immigrant peoples. The refugee is just grateful to be anywhere other than where they're not being displaced--by American phospherous bombs.

C. Clarke can take a yhuuge flying leap, for all I care. And they should be made to hand their party's name right back over. They're not LIB(CAMPBELL??)

As for voting--NO TO PROP-REP--PM Justin!! Glad you had a re-think & change of heart. You were well-advised, Sir. Too risky. Splinters. False coalitions.
Freaks and nut-bars climbin' outta the woodwork--noooohhhhh! YYAAAAAYYYYY!!
It's already shades of that, and would only increase exponentially.

Thanks for allowing my pov, Owen
& have a great weekend!


Owen Gray said...

You're obviously one of JT's unshakable supporters, lovingit. I wonder, though, how many of his supporters are losing their enthusiasm for him.

Anonymous said...

No. Wrong, Owen.

I'm a liberating liberal who stands on liberal principles.

I voted for Iggy. Would do so again, gladly.

As I've said many times before, friend--I've lived under CON rule most of my life.

Done and DONE! No more "freezin our asses off in the dark". No more sleepin on steel grates in the richest city in the world. No more injustice. No effing more.

So, before you accuse me of being a partisan hack, maybe you could post some other authors than Harris & McQuaig. Surely.

And our three coasts?? A heavy price is paid for living on the coast--ask FLA. & the Gulf States. Or NJ. NY. Further, and just as importantly--their FOR shipping goods.

Do you all think we liked having our Grand River polluted by industry while they made s sh*t-ton of money then absconded South?? We were enriched though before the Union jobs were stolen from us--we were known as "The Engine Of This Country." Remember? I lived in a Labour riding for some 20 years--things were good then. I'd vote DIP in a heartbeat but they never gain enough support to govern and they splinter the vote. Till now. Resounding Liberal Tsunami. Deal with it. WE WON! And I'm, finally enjoying every Liberal Party Of Canada minute that I damn well can.

Halleluia! Life is short! Have FUN!!!


We are the only culture in the bloody world that has more than they need--yet still refuses to share.
Enjoy your cottagesslashsecondandthirdhomes, while we die in gutters. Thanks.

Owen Gray said...

Your political engagement is admirable, lovingit. And it is expressed in your commitment to voting. Folks like you can be depended on to keep politicians on their toes. What worries me are the folks who stay home. And I worry that some of those people are getting cynical about Justin.

Anonymous said...

I see, Owen. So, people like me, our mission is to agitate--in the finest sense of the word--"to keep in the public eye...".

I've always loved the quote at the top of your page. I read it every time I visit.

Too many of us don't 'get' the truth, for its simplicity is a stumbling block.

That's why we are called to 'become as children'. Curious, questioning, and resting in the peace of the One who leads us into all truth. I hope that, for all of us.

You and a few others here- are my unwitting mentors, and I thank you for your valuable teaching.

Hoping you all have a glorious Father's Day, with family and/or friends.


Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the good wishes, lovingit. Tolstoy touched on deeply rooted truths.