Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mulroney's Take On Trump

The old saw about politics making strange bedfellows remains as true as ever. Consider the alliance between Justin Trudeau and Brian Mulroney. Tim Harper writes:

Certainly in the past, Liberal prime ministers have turned to former Liberal prime ministers for wise counsel and Conservatives have done likewise, even though Stephen Harper once issued a government-wide edict that Mulroney was persona non grata because of what was finally found to be Mulroney’s inappropriate dealing with discredited former arms industry lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber.

Mulroney has always kept in touch with Justin. In the hothouse of Montreal social circles, it could not be otherwise. And he saw the younger Trudeau's potential years ago. Trudeau, for his part, saw Mulroney's connections with Trump as invaluable:

Enter informal advisor Mulroney, who says he was approached by a Trudeau team which had put “all its eggs in Hillary (Clinton’s) basket and woke up the next morning and realized they knew no one on the other side.”

Mulroney said the Trudeau government was not alone in the centre-left expecting a Clinton win and “wanted it to happen in the worst way.”

And Trump is not keeping Mulroney awake at night:

He says, there is no reason for Canadians to be worried about Trump.

“No, why should we worry?” he asks.

I suggested the man was capable of tweeting the world into a war.

From Mulroney: “Don’t take the bait!

“That’s just Donald being Donald. He’s unorthodox and unusual, yes, but that’s why the American people voted for him."

Time will tell if Mulroney's take on Trump is accurate. 

Image: The Toronto Star


Steve said...

all of our top advisers take payment in plain brown envelopes in the lobby of five star hotels

Owen Gray said...

Given Mulroney's history, I'm sure that thought has crossed other minds, Steve.

Anonymous said...


Mulroney says: "trust me"... ermm, no.

Even Harper didn't reach the depths of despicable deeds that BM did - and Harper went Marianas Trench deep.

the salamander said...

.. the most effective analogies or metaphors for pretend 'public servants' who are really just political animals will always be truly useful. We can paint these folk with words as well as appraise their actions, failures, incompetance or their tiny successes as proclaimed via mainstream media aka Post Media, Star, Globe & Mail & the like. Sleazes like Rex Murphy essentially point to how citizenry need to assume the complete opposite is true - from what these sellouts tend to spew.

Mulroney is like a bedbug.. you know he's there & you can't get rid of him. Harper the same, skulks about the planet offering his mealy economic witticisms and probably plays piano here n there.. and one wonders if Ray Novak travels seperately to the same destinations. Its no wonder most eligible voters are apathetic.. as they see the hysterically pathetic offering from Dr Kellie Leitch, the sick pandering of lugs like Rob Anders.. and the creamy dimpled wonderboy Andrew Scheer relocationg to Stornoway. Young middle aged Justin aint exactly impressive right now either.. and whither Tom Mulcair ? I see raw processed Bitumen is creeping lower in 'value' .. and since its evil sister Dilbit is actually approx 25% or more refined imported diluent.. we must wonder when mainstream media will notice the diluent is soon to be worth more than the other component - bitumin ! That's 'energy security' for Canadians & 'driving & growing the economy' and jobs jobs jobs.. despite the reality that its all headed via supertankers to Asia

When propoganda will heat your house.. let me know who is selling the converter.. I want a franchise.. for nothing down

Owen Gray said...

I suspect lots of Canadians feel that Trump and Mulroney are cut from the same piece of cloth,!?

Owen Gray said...

Propaganda has always had tremendous market value, salamander. And Mulroney knows how to sell it.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Mulroney our first real neoliberal prime minister is extending a hand to Justin Trudeau our latest neoliberal prime minister.Economic and political soul mates til the end. The end of what? Maybe democratic Canada.

Don't forget Owen, Trudeau said he wants Canada to be the first Post Nation country.

Owen Gray said...

As I said, Pam, politics produces some strange alliances. But, on reflection, maybe this one isn't so strange.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

That's a really good point Owen, maybe this alliance isn't so strange. hmm, worth giving some thought to.

Owen Gray said...

Mulroney isn't a Harper Conservative, Pam. And Trudeau's pretty close to what we used to call a Progressive Conservative.