Thursday, June 22, 2017

No Vacancy

Donald Trump is coming to Canada next May to attend the G7 Conference. He should not be invited to extend his stay or to come back. Bob Hepburn writes:

Over the years, American presidents have visited Canada numerous times. Barack Obama came twice, first in 2009 for a working visit to Ottawa and then in 2010 when he was in Toronto and Huntsville for the G8 and G20 summits. George W. Bush visited four times and Bill Clinton came five times, including a 2005 state visit during which he addressed Parliament.

But Trump is a special exception:

But none of those presidents were as irresponsible, hostile, arrogant and ignorant as Trump, a man who has done more to unleash the racist, bigoted undertone of America than any U.S. leader in any of our lifetimes.

At the same time, Trump is working hard to hurt Canada by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, picking fights with Canada over trade issues ranging from renegotiating NAFTA to imposing punitive tariffs on our exports and disparaging our defence spending.

Also, Trump displays open signs of Islamophobia, trying to bar refugees and visitors from seven mainly Muslim countries and tweeting almost instantly his disgust with Muslim terrorists for attacks in England and France, but remaining silent when a white man killed Muslims at a Quebec City mosque earlier this year or when a white man drove a van into a peaceful Muslim crowd outside a mosque this week in London.

There will be protests wherever Trump goes. As a landlord, he knows what it means when a No Vacancy sign goes up in the window.

Image: Huffington Post


Lorne said...

Perhaps, Owen, if he anticipates protests, he will not come on an official visit. I have read that he has no interest in making a state visit to Britain as long as that possibility exists. I think in that regard, the Canadian public will be well-served by his thin skin.

Owen Gray said...

Trump can dish it out, Lorne, but he can't take it. If he knows he'll have to take it when he comes to Canada, perhaps he'll stay away.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking - Trump will be here. I wouldn't be surprised if Justin agreed to hold the meeting at the Trump Hotel in Toronto or Vancouver in exchange for some meagre NAFTA concessions.


Owen Gray said...

Justin has to walk a tightrope, Cap. He has to deal with Trump. But he can't concede to him.

The Mound of Sound said...

Let's do what the Brits have threatened to do. Line the sidewalks along Wellington and Rideau streets and Sussex Drive and moon the bastard, en masse, as his car passes by.

Owen Gray said...

Not a bad idea, Mound. He'd be looking at real assets not the phantom assets which undergird his empire.