Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Bit Of A Break

I'll be taking a break for the next few days. I must admit that recent events in the United States have disturbed me. Every time Mr. Trump claims that he and his fellow citizens are victims of The Great White North I feel ill.

And when you're feeling ill it's best to take a rest for awhile.

But I promise I'll be back.

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Lorne said...

Completely understandable, Owen. I regularly feel the same way, sometimes to the point where I want to turn my back on the world. Enjoy your respite, and take as long as you need to recharge.

Owen Gray said...

There's another issue, Lorne. I'm having some back problems that I have to attend to. But, these days, I need to keep my sense of balance. Trump, the recent Ontario election, and an ever warming planet are making it hard to do that. I'm hoping a respite will restore my back and my balance.

The Mound of Sound said...

This is one of the worst habits I've encountered. Every day you wind up strolling barefoot through the barnyard wondering how your feet wind up smelling so bad. You, Lorne and others like us have been around long enough to see these endless assaults on our conscience, the outrages, in a perspective that's far more difficult for those two, three, even four decades younger. With that perspective, what could be quickly forgotten as isolated events, emerge as a mosaic revealing an unpleasant image. Like tinnitus it becomes background noise, at times louder than others, always inescapable.

So yes, do take your leave. Deal with your back. Best wishes on that. At our age they're always looking for the slightest excuse to put you down. And, when you're done that, don't hurry back. See if you can't go AWOL for a few extra days. Take one of those vaunted European rest cures.

See you later. Good luck.

Rural said...

Take that well earned break Owen, I had to 'back off' some time ago and am contemplating reducing my daily 'news cruse' for my own sanity. I dont know where Trumph and Fraud are taking us but I for one would rather not know. Enjoy your time off Owen!

Owen Gray said...

I know how you feel, Rural. A steady diet of news these days can drive you around the bend.

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Mound. My father used to tell me, "Don't let the bastards get you down." His was good advice. But it's hard to always follow it.

bill said...

There is a booklet that you can get online called "positive coping with health conditions" I believe it is from Simon Fraser university, which has some great stuff for those of us dealing with chronic conditions. I will be attending yet another support group in the fall and as usual I will be the winner with 5 chronic conditions. At the end of the day the constant pain is the worst one but there are alternatives to opioids and other drastic treatments that the booklet outlines. Good luck until you are back again.

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the good wishes and the reference to Simon Fraser, bill. I'm a lucky man. I convinced a physiotherapist to marry me. I didn't occur to me at the time I proposed, but with each passing day -- and there have been almost 40 years of them -- I'm aware that I'm in good hands.

I hope the folks who help you deal with your conditons treat you will similar care.