Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Canadians and Climate Change

Stephen Harper likes to claim that his values are Canadian values. If Harper truly based his decisions on evidence, he might begin to revaluate that assumption. According to a new poll from Insightrix Reseach, only 2% of Canadians believe that climate change is a hoax:

Almost one-third — 32 per cent — said they believe climate change is happening because of human activity, while 54 per cent said they believe it's because of human activity and partially due to natural climate variation. Nine per cent believe climate change is occurring due to natural climate variation.

But it's also interesting to note how opinion varies throughout the country:

The survey found 44 per cent of Quebec respondents, 34 per cent of Atlantic Canadian respondents and 32 per cent of those surveyed in British Columbia are likely to believe climate change is occurring due to human activity. Alberta and Saskatchewan came in at 21 per cent while Manitoba was at 24 per cent.

Harper has always assumed that Alberta speaks for Canadians. If he were truly wise, he would know that navel gazing is fatal when walking in heavy traffic. I suspect that he will come to that realization at some time in the not too distant future.


opit said...

Um. That poll echoes the line that scientists virtually unanimously agree that humans cause climate change. They do. But the question is over broad and reporting suspect. Which might be said of all the UN tax proposals emanating from the IPCC. But hey. They can force their models to somewhat conform to limited past changes. Wowsers.

Owen Gray said...

I suspect we will be arguing about a climate tax for a long time, opit.

But the findings suggest that there is a constituency for alternative energy.

And those who would build a pipeline to Kitimat should begin to re-consider their proposal.

Anonymous said...

If Harper were truly wise, he would also not have aggressively spouted for a "firewall" around a landlocked province gushing with oil but with no access to seaports. Instead, he would have talked about how great it was to have B.C. as a neighbour and how neighbours help each other out. He would have stressed how Confederation helped the different parts of this great country complement each other. He would not have played one region against another. And then? Why, push for all those pipelines through B.C. and to the East, of course. He would have been known as "Pipeline" Steve instead of Firewall Harper.

But alas what is wisdom compared to dollars? I suspect that is why many people believe he must be in the pockets of big oil.

Ontario has to import some 30% of its oil, QC almost 100% and the maritime provinces about 50%. Canada is paying for the imported oil at international prices. Would a wise statesman not ensure that the Eastern parts of his great country are not subjected to the vagaries of international demand instead of promising our oil to foreign powers at discounted prices? We have been selling Albertan oil to the Americans at a double discount to the international oil price (i.e. North Sea Brent). How much China will pay for our oil remains to be seen.

No wonder Gingrich referred to him as an American friendly Conservative during the Republican primary debates. One way of looking at this is that Canadians, through the billions of dollars of subsidies (federal and Alberta) have essentially been subsidizing the oil that is sold to the Americans. American friendly? You bet.

Owen Gray said...

What you are hinting at used to be called the National Energy Program. Alberta was furious because Canadians were not buying oil at international prices.

Now international customers are not paying international prices, while Canadians are.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's what Harper is all about. Buy expensive, sell cheap. Harper will make trillions off the tar sands for his own coffers, and to hell with the people.

Harper is permitting China, to buy up the tar sands. They are also allowed to bring their own people to work their vast tar sands projects. Harper has even said, China can bring swarms over, to build the Enbridge pipeline. China gets the refining jobs too.

I won't bother to say, what BC calls Steve, it certainly isn't firewall, and he knows exactly what he can do with his pipeline.

We have had it with those skunks of, Harper, Enbridge and Premier Redford. On North Van Grumps web site. There is a map posted, that has left out the small islands in the channel, into Port Kitimat. Those massive dirty oil tankers, have to do hairpin turns, to get around those many little islands. It takes three miles, to stop one of those behemoth tankers.

The people of BC owe, Harper, Enbridge and Premier Redford, squat. The dirty tactics, dirty politics, by the greedy ones, have angered the BC people even more. But trust us, said the spiders to the fly's. Not on your Nelly, will BC ever trust Harper and the rest of the looney tunes.

Owen Gray said...

It sounds like Harper is becoming very unpopular in B.C., Anon. The man may be cutting off his nose despite his face.