Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Steve Is Watching You

One wonders if the Harper caucus has any backbone at all. We know that Big Steve has spent taxpayer money keeping an eye on his own MPs:

Opposition parties accused Stephen Harper’s government of spying on its own MPs and being poor money managers Thursday after The Huffington Post Canada revealed Conservatives had spent $23 million on media monitoring in two years — including millions to track their own backbench MPs.

It sounds like life in the House of Harper doesn't breed much trust. Father knows best:

NDP MP Charlie Angus told reporters the Tories are probably keeping tabs on their backbench because these are the MPs causing the prime minister “a great deal of trouble.”

“They’re certainly not following the party line. They’re running off on tangents all the time. So obviously the Prime Minister’s Office is trying to keep tabs on their behaviour,” he said.

But if Harper wants to do that, Angus suggested, the Conservative party should foot the bill, not taxpayers.

If Stephen wants to keep an eye on his MP's he certainly can do that -- and bear the consequences. But his penchant for using public funds for that project -- and for those pamphlets which attack Justin Trudeau -- goes over the line.

But Big Steve makes the rules. His lust for control betrays his deep seated insecurity. And he believes that, if he wants to keep his eye on you, you should pay for his privilege.


The Mound of Sound said...

That's the tip of the iceberg, Owen. Harper has a secret police agency, comprised of members of the Calgary and Edmonton police, the RCMP and CSIS, monitoring groups and individuals opposed to the bitumen pipeline projects. These are the people Joe Oliver smears as "extremists" and proclaims "inimical" (hostile to/enemies of) Canada. Information is being gathered, dossiers are being assembled, people are being monitored.

Who is watching the watchers? No one.

Owen Gray said...

Given Mussolini's definition of Corporatism, Mound, and Harper's control over the nation's police, we may not be far from a fascist state.

Lorne said...

I suspect one of the saddest aspects of this whole story, Owen, is that the news of Harper's surveillance probably takes very few Canadians by surprise.

Owen Gray said...

And -- like Harper's spineless caucus -- I'm worried that those who voted for him will simply accept it, Lorne.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's the thing - I say we (i.e., the rest of us - that is to say, the majority who DID NOT vote for him) watch him right back.

I refuse to be intimidated by this pack of bullies. But if my fellow Canadians find their actions acceptable and vote them in again, why then, I guess I must leave this country because I will not live in this sort of place.

Owen Gray said...

The way to get rid of a bully, Anon, is not to give him to him.

When he's scared enough -- when he knows he won't win the next election -- just as Lawrence Martin suggests, he'll leave.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. But he needs to be watched - and know he's being watched - by the many and not the few.

Owen Gray said...

And it will take the many to send him packing, Anon.

Anonymous said...

That's my dream, Mr. Gray. "Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear".

Bless your heart - you blog is lovely!

Owen Gray said...

I think it's fair to say, Anon, that you don't dream in isolation.
You are not alone.

Anthony Lam said...

I refuse to support the Harper government; it's a fraud. Great blog, btw! Check mine out?

Owen Gray said...

Interesting blog, Anthony. You might get some cross traffic.